Sunday, July 26, 2015

So many years ago today

Still working on this bloody thing. 6 years and counting  :)

Saturday, October 20, 2012

The long awaited Update

So I have been working on a lot of different things for the eventual release of this thing.
Most notably is that TDM is going to have Turn based battles and proceduraly generated dungeons.
A lot of thought have gone inot making the Turn based combat as to not making it tedious and boring.
wether or not I have succed is stil to see.

I got a lot of inspiration from this site.

Skills is one thing I tried to do quite a few things with in the NWN2 version. but in traditional D&D there are somany skills and so much extra work for something that will never be used. as it doesnt provide to hte combat. and not wantoing to do a lot of excess work I decided to go with a split of combat/physical and RolePlaying/Flavor skills into 2 separate pools.

there will be no classes and no statistics like strenght, dexterity, inteligence,morale etc.
Instead I will focus more on the skills the player choose
so If you want a smart warrior you can have that. without sacrificing melee combat abilities.

so you can say skills are everything in the new TDM. Balancing character skill will be part of the character building. This is because I wanted to have more variety in gameplay without gimping a character. so you can focus on the playstyle rather than the efficiency.

there is still a lot of testing and balancing before I get where I am suposed to be.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Just in with a bit of news

The demon melody is now a comercially planned project by Miko Games.
some 6 months ago I decided to try a game engine called unity and I fell in love. that led me into learning 3d modelling and now we are creating funds for making the demon melody a reality as a comercial product.

so far we have created a database of 3d models for game use and prototyped a few game mechanics for TDM and a few smaller games.

the TDM project is on hold for a little while while we create the funds neccesary for creating such a game.

once I have any TDM related screenshots I will post them here.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

squashing of bugs and changes

been squashing bugs and redoing some stuff withing the campaign. the campaign folder have been a nightmare because something withing it seems to causes several crashes (ie things work when not connected to a campaign.) also due to tester feedback I'll be changing some elements of the mod.

I'm still working on this in between real life obligations and musical work

the toolset junkie

Monday, December 20, 2010

tests and musice and reelase woes.

So the tests and bug fixes are running as planned.discovered a few gamebreaking bugs as soon as the other people started running through the module. I hope theese will be fixed asap. and Ill be ready with the release some time in january/february all depending on the bugs and how well I have organized myself I feel I got a good thing going with my spreadsheets and all that. but still this part is pretty new and the project is fairly large so Ill be crossing everything that can be crossed in hopes that this testing will be as painless as possible.

This brings me to something I have been thinking lately. I'm about to release the first module as a demo of the rest of the campaign and if people do not like what they are playing. will it be worth it to relase the entire campaign as oposed to just releasing the areas,blueprints, scritps etc.
I've been spending nearly all of my time the last 2 years to build this behemoth. so if the few people still playing nwn2 modules wont play this one its gonna be sad. but then again I wont be forced to test the entire thing if it fails. then again if its reception is in the other en of the scale and people like it........... time will tell.

lastly as the others have been playing I have been making more progress on the musical side of things and I'm enjoying the time spendt with the composing. most of it is orchestral and some of it is just ambient cinematic soundscapes wit ha rythm or a particular mood. I was thinking about making a orchestral metal song for a particular boss fight just to see how that would work in a fantasy mod. I think I shall try and start doing that as soon as a particularly nasty crash to
desktop bug is fixed.

I've bee n talking about a trailer for nearly as long as I have been making the mod. now I do not think Ill ever finish that. even though I have the video recorded. My chaotic nature will be the end of me one day :P

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The sum of way to many parts

so I have assembled the areas streamlined the conversations for the first part of the campaign. it saddened me to se some very large conversations being scrapped as they would not fit the new paladin theme.

What gnaws on me the most is the skill checks, for as you know, paladins aren't the most "skillful" of people. however I think the companions will make up for that with their interjections and opinions. after last nights play through I felt the companions felt more alive as they would offer opinions tips and attack bonuses for certain situations. I've gone to great lenghts to make sure that the skill checks wont be felt as a loss.

The first module I will not feature the Overland maps. those are a bit more work intensive and I still got some testing to do on the OM spawn system. however there should be a good indication on how the rest of the campaign will be. the first module is linear with a few sidequests as a option so it wont feel completely linear. I want to avoid the horrid running 20 meters,then cutscene and repeat until the players go insane.

as for role play options I hope I have made enough Personality responses for the player. from pious to gruff even poet warrior quoatations.,and of course the neutral response. I wanted to add the personality traits so that there might be oppurtunities to certain quests and items , ie. Being a lore interested paladin might grant you some bonus lore skill or certain rare tomes with unique properties. the items wont be overly powerfull but they will be helpfull and most importantly fun.

all of the weapons and armor you get are custom blueprints with original hak content I gather most people are tired of looking the same in every module.

as for fighting style I have made it so you can use any weapon type. as the holy avenger will be of a weapon type of your choosing. be it 2 handed or 1 handed. tjhough admitteddly a paladin with sword and shield will be slightly better due to the itemization and paladin mechanics.

Im on the internal testing part now and I hopwe that I will have some beta ready material around christmas time so if anyone wants to volunteer as a beta tester then I'd be happy to have you.

here is the current to do list module 1

-brush uo on some texturing on a few areas.
-complete testing a few custom skills more throughly .
-load screens
-perhaps/mayby make the bloody trailer
-finish up the vocals on lains song (a song called little red bird in the language of Manx)
-a few more conversations on the end of the module needs a check up
-finish playing the the module without any game breakers.
-fix the bugs I found.
-post it

Monday, November 22, 2010

Release , the how to.

SO i HAve in the last few weeks been thinking about how to best release the module. in series or all in one go. Personally I feel that the 8 connected overland maps that make up the continent of Haedrin cannot be split up sucsessfully so I have more or less decided to release in one go , however for the beta Ill drop module by module on to the testers (once and if I find some willing to spend that amount of time to test the mod).

I've made my areas for Lance botelles , better the demon module. and should start working exclusively on my mod from here on out. taking a break from testing and convo checking was a needed distraction.

I hope to have some new screens from in game cut scenes as soon as I have delivered the areas to lance and gotten the thumbs up for them. also I hope to get some video and music up soon.