Sunday, December 27, 2009

the wheels are turning again.

so I completely redid the starting area and nearing completion on that.
it turned out great , however some events need some scripting tweaks. I'm very pleased with the result so far.
the new setting let me add some initial ideas that would have been impossible with the FR setting without having to "do things wrong" with regards to lore. having a custom world means that no one can argue :)

I've also stopped working on some of the heavier script system like circle magic and Turn based system. I will still have large battles , but in real time. I've changed my focus to making the mod chronologically instead of completing sections of the mod. So I did an al reset and removed a lot of unnecessary hak content. I also chopped the mod into bits or chapters if you like. however wether or not I'l release in chapters is undecided as of yet. the prologue of the mod was originally planned as a demo and still is , as I get to finish the area and script related issues I have I'll upload it. I also need to finish a few songs.

some of the areas I have made I'm thinking about uploading to the vault mainly the areas that didn't make it to the finished mod. like Theym was before the redesign.
I've also been drawing a map in a software called Artrage it looks like the doodles of a 4 year old but I think my sister is able to help me out on the map. I've also ben toying with overland maps. but as of yet I'm not planning on doing them. unless I suddenly et a lot of time on my hands. which is unlikely. I read in a forum post somewhere about using Overland maps as a city map ,where you can go to the different districts and have the odd random encounter pop up. this would solve a lot of issues I had with Aesir in its original form. and I can probably use the original aesir areas with some modifications for that purpose. but thats still in the future.

I'm gonna write up some backstory tomorrow in a new post , detailing a bit more of the world of Haedrin.

the new TDM is going to be slightly less complicated in terms of scripting systems as I rather would like to focus on some story related stuff. however It will still be one epic journey


Sunday, December 6, 2009

The return

So I've been having a lot to do and I have been having a lot of problems with the mod but I'm finally seeing the end of it all and. moving half way across the country and getting a new job. thats alot of work. I was hoping to get a trailer out , and I got some killer voice overs for it. but its on a bit of a hold for now as I ahve made some serious changes to the mod.

after much trouble with events and areas I found the boundaries of what the toolset is able to do. at least within a reasonable time frame. so I took a sort of reset on the module.
I pulled the mod out of the Forgotten Realms setting. but kept the story etc as it was (more or less)
it turned out better in my opinion. I'm changing

gonna return to updating this blog more often once again.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

The fragmented one

It was all so easy back then. No shades of grey, all was just black or white. Good or evil

If I had known then what my actions would bring my beloved Cormyr. I would have chosen death.

But fate wanted otherwise,

and darkness fell upon my beloved country.

Who could have known that my knowledge of Toril's mythology, could be this dangerous.

The gods themselves tremble. And I can do naught, but wait for his mind to slip.

And hope to maybe make my wrongdoings right.

Dare not close your eyes demon, for I am waiting!


Monday, August 3, 2009

A few small hicups. and a spoon of sugar to mend it

today I spendt a few hours in the toolset
so I hit a real game breaking trouble maker. the Docks area of Aesir crashed when I spawned in some stuff. apparently I have been using way to many triggers. 600ish in that area alone. but brianmeyer was really helpfull and got me on the right track with answering some questions on nwn2 chat. so now I have deleted most of them and added a Area HB. seems to have done the trick. I also removed Amstradhero's dynamic population system which is a let down but it would have been to much with all the additional triggers that I need. so I need to look more into what to replace it with.
I also split up Aesir into 4 modules now. may become 5 modules. this is to make sure that the ram requirements wont go through the roof, and eliminating a few untimely crashes. I also was able to
eliminate a bug when going between the jungle areas. its been a productive 2 hours: )

now I am going to alternate between bugfixes,music, and continue to connect the dots. hopefully I can get some more people to join in on this endeavor. oh and I almost forgot the trailer. gotta get a voice over for that one. just added a few posts here and there. I also have spoted a few people I want to ask to do some voice overs.

I also finished a few songs. and redid the trailer material slightly. the project is going along steadily even without the toolset. and now there is one week left until all baator breaks loose.
its gonna be one accelerating carrousel of work being done from now on.

Friday, July 31, 2009

CC release from tdm and the road ahead

so I have been having my son over for a week now , and what a week it has been.
I am looking forward to the next and last week with him. truly remarkable how kids make time fly.

lately I have been able to do some minor stuff like making the rough layout on a song or two for the mod. I am trying to the best of my abilities to capture the atmosphere of the mod.
and I wont reuse anything from nwn2 and its expansions. I didn't manage to get the trailer done by the time my son arrived so it will have to be completed after he has gone.
I also took the time to finish up the Skydome pack I was using for The Demons Melody. a total of 11 of them. I hope some people will be able to use them. should be on the vault sometime today hopefully. the only crap thing about hte upload was that I packed the wrong hak. I uploaded the ones which I did not retouch. so the lower part of the sky will seem a bit stretched if you aren't using skyrings.
Speaking of skyrings. I am looking into making some skyrings of my own. in case you have no clue as to what I am talking about. skyrings are the silhouette of mountains , hills or other landscapes you may se in some mods and the oc + exp. I want to experiment a bit with these so I am going to try a few blender model out. hopefully it will work :D

lately IU have been spending alot of time in a community called "Tavern of Hidden tales"
its a forum for player developer interaction and I must say I quite like it there.
a lot of friendly people and starting to be a few developers as well.

also as there is a week and a half until I am starting to crank in the last things thats need to be done. from here on out its gonna be full speed ahead. I want to get this project out this side of the year , however thats optimistic. there are still figuring out which npc's will get voiceovers etc. but thats still a few months into the future.
now I am going to go all out in recruiting people to help out with various tidbits. I want to get this one done so I can finally play some modules and PW's myself.
as always feel like you want to add something jsut give me a heads uop I am starting to see the end of this project and I want to play it from start to end in its complete state myself

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Details ,music, and

So I haven't been doing much at all on the mod lately. however I have been fiddling about with some music. And I am pretty satisfied with the trailer music so far. The trailer however I decided to rerecord some parts as I found out that Xfire Had a way to record video for free.
s I am hoping to get the trailer pieced together by friday afternoon as after that I will have my hands full with my son. there I will finally have some pictures of the finished Aesir , some other areas I haven't shown screenshots from. the trailer will feature custom music , the companions will be showcased. and most importantly clips of the game play. and a hint of voice overs.

So I now have a trailer and a completed main story part , why don't I release.
well I wanted to at a point as I was a bit tired of the toolset. but having the past month away from it has reignited the passion for it.
now I have trouble restraining myself from adding to many concepts into the mix.
I have smething special in mind for each playable core class and the war wizard and Dragon knoght prc. the latter is required if you choose a military career.
did I say career ? yes I did. I am going to allow players to choose a career, like a military , merchant ,crafter, and thinking of adding a politician / noble career as well.
I also redid the player created characters part a bit. when creating them you get the option of giving them traits. these traits influence the characters behavior and responses accordingly.
I also have a rework of the party chat interface on the to do list to combine it with cut scenes.
I always felt the cut scenes were lacking a bit of interaction. so this is my personal remedy for it. well back to SoZ character creation. the main focus will be upon the first player generated character. and all of the class related "special " abilities I will add will be for that character only. it was a slow day at work yesterday so I got to test some theories and such there. and I have completed a list of specials for most classes. I have been testing some of them and those I have tested seem to work fine. yay for that :)

for now the Turn based strategy mode is a bit on hold but the inclusion of this feature looks VERY ! promising indeed as I have recruited my good friend SK to help out on it. this is a must have feature for me. it seems like we will be featuring Nytir's battle system in both strategy mode and "normal" mode. Nytir's work on that system is formidable ,and most impressive.


as I grow ever more confident in the toolset I find my older areas to be sub par , so I am going to have a look at giving them a face lift. I want this mod to be good in every aspect.
now about the music , I am really excited about this as I have recently done some upgrades.
so the mod will feature a singing choir. I kinda look forward to when the first person figures out that the choir actually sang "cormyr" I am giggling like a schoolgirl in anticipation.
this mod , I think . be a typical mod. first of all it seem to take advantage of the full level range 1- 30 which is quite different from what I envisioned wen I began the mod. the areas in the mod are very large. not amny areas are smaller than 16x16 and the largest is 32x32 with a height variance of 95(for those of you that use the toolset)
there is a lot of work to do in this mod still , and I will most likely hack at it to have as much detail in it as I can possible make. and I am already starting to dread the horrid debug/beta phase that I most likely will start around christmas time. however with the rate of which I think up new features or find something that have slipped by me on the first read through on the original notes , it may be a bit later. but I hope to have it ready by then

in the mean time I hope to find more people to help out so I can focus some more on the music and features of the mod

until next time CHEERS !


Sunday, July 5, 2009

Monkeys and typewriters

what a long strange road this has been. I started out modding knowing nothing at all about anything (mod related) that was hmm lets see in late february ,early march. since then I have been going at it day and night to create a module I would like to play myself. now I see that I am soon able to release. However being able is not the same as should , as it is now the mod isn't much more than exploration and the main main quest. I also want to go over the 200'ish areas to see if there is room for improvements. Which there most likely is. now as I have entered my toolset free month(s) I am going to actively look for a 2D artist to do some artwork for me. the trailer is due soon. and I hope it will inspire some people to play this mod.

I was thinking about just releasing the entire thing and be done with it. but I jsut cant leave something unfinished. take the Theym NPC's for instance I still haven't finished their quests. in adittion to completing them I need to have them evolve as you progress through their quests and for those who didnt't know here is a spoiler.


They will join up and evolve through the game take different paths from the findings in your quests. some paths will be a little different depending on what actions you choose. the hard part here is writing the dialogues as the player have known the npc's their entire life. this is quite intricate and difficult to write. but I hope I will make it somehow


I have made this mod as I want a game to be played. so I ahve tried to make the story interesting and have a few interesting fights.
Also I want to make the player created characters more interesting. I was thinking about having the players select traits for them. as in happy , careless, rude , insane, etc. however this requires an insane amount of work. and probably will be scrapped but at leas I am thinking of something.
there is a lot of things I want to implement but I am afraid to burn out on the toolset.
so its a good thing I am doing the music. which will be released at the vault among other stuff.

I wont be adding the insane amount of conversation choices as I originally thought. I felt having more npc recognition the npc's being more responsive. however this is to each ones taste.
and as I said I am making this how I want it to be.

now I have written enough for today , I think I hear a movie calling me over to the tv.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Main story COMPLETE!

so what does this mean you ask ? well that means that the mod is playable from the start to the point where the mod ends. all conversations for the main story is complete (the wordcount is silly)
I got the urge and just decided to get the main story complete and use it as a skeleton to flesh out the rest of the mod. due some troubles I had regarding the many factions that currently exists in the mod.

so what left ?

the music.
some sidequests.
some boss scripts.and estetic scripting (vfx)
the overland strategy mode and the gui for it. this is to my knowledge a new way to use the overland map and haven't been done however a lot stil needs to be done
voice overs. b(I have started on some demon voice overs, something that has made the family dog afraid of me)

and the trailer is still on the just add music part. so I'll have it up in 3 weeks or so.
Maybe I'll upload upload a 30 sec teaser tomorrow or something.
I am pretty excited about this (as always) as this should prove the module will be released as it is as playable as it is now. there is probably a lot I could drop out in the mod to make it releasable faster. however I do not want to compromise with this project.
Now I am going to slow down a bit for the summer. as I said in the previous post. a lot of stuff happening this summer. an having some time away from the toolset is only healthy.

well I am going to sign off now and take a toolset summer vacation (well sort of )
I will update the blog and post on the NWN2 modules forum from tuime to time.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Adjusting for summertime. milestone, more than 50% done

the summer is now on for full and I have to slow down the modding a bit. I have upcomming weddings , large birthdays and my son is gonna stay with me for an extended period of time.
Which means I have less time for the mod. However I am more than 50 % done with it and parts of it are playable. Beta for the first part is hopefully coming up soon and I have started scoring the orchestral tracks. The music , as I am a musician, Will literally play a large part in the mod. I have been experimenting with scripting and I have gotten some interesting results. a part of what I have been trying to do is scripted underscoring. and I have been successful. I did a test a few months a go where I created a set of musical blocks that goes together with some scripting I made it possible to change the mood of the music when selecting a conversation option , needless to say this requires some effort to do, but I am going to implement it in at least one conversation.
I have also spendt alot of time coordinatin factions. and I probably will continue to perfect it.
the player will be given options on joining several factions in theym aligning with one will have positive and negative consequences. there will be rewards for joining factions and climbing to the top. I am not going deeper into this as it will be too revealing. I have been trying to keep quests consistent to the campaign and tried to get as many of the optional quests to have some impact on the main story. I feel if you take the time to explore the optional content you should be rewarded.

The more I complete the more exited I am about this mod. It is a good feeling seeing areas you've worked hard on get populated and interactive. I really cant wait to get some responses on TDM.
I am not even gonna guess at the hours I have spent in front of the toolset but its a lot.
some times have been somewhat frustrating when script that compiles doesn't fire when they are supposed to etc. but most of them have been solvable. some I had to redo but I managed to get the effect I wanted.

now what is left to do. pretty much the main story related stuff. Still alot of work there as I mostly have done side quests and npc's I am thinking about scripting more monsters as I believe this is fun to have monster that do other stuff than just run to you and attack you. I need to tweak the grouped monsters AI.
but most importantly the custom UI needs to be done. the Journal needs rework in my opinion and I will redo that. and adding some ui for the battles and a few more stuff I haven't revealed yet. beucaus I am not sure it will be worth the time to implement or not. but we will see
also I am in need of a 2d artist to do some custom cutscene clips. etc

well I think I said most of what I wanted to say. just gonna add that the development during the summertime is going to be slow. due to real life. (no more 16 hour days of toolset mayhem for a while.)

Monday, June 15, 2009

One disappointment ,some more expansion and a little gui work.

I haven't gotten much work done the last week. this is because of 2 things.

1.) I have been trying to figure out how to get ridable horses. this ended in a huge disappointment as the work required equals getting TDM complete. so its a no go, however I have managed to get npc's riding horses , but I am unsure of weather or not to include them , probably I wont.

2.) I have been trying to learn XML so I can create the custom gui required for some of the many Very Large scale battles in TDM. and I hope to get some Good looking ui windows up and running soon.

I have play tested the battle in game and its in my opinion alot of fun (I spent an entire evening on this. ) I have used nytir's battle system located on the vault. its highly recomended to try it as there is a test module included.
I thought I was done with Aesir Earlier this week then I discovered some minor thing I wanted to tweak when I played through some quests. s oI am hoping I will complete it by the end of the week. I used about 15 hours playing through random Aesir content. and I have not included the part before aesir. that should bring current game time up to aproximately 20 hours. during the summer I am going to work a bit slower as there is a lot of stuff happening. This project is perhaps the most fun large scale project I have ever started. and I plan to see it through despite some people believing I wont. I am close to halfway done :)

Monday, June 8, 2009

ready for the music.

Got a notice about the studio is being reassembled. that is god new because then I get my dear samples and recording gear back. So the trailer is within reach again. thats gonna be a relief to see that I have gotten this far.

I have been doing some AI tweaks on some bosses. I hope they will be a s fun as they will be hard (well to a clumsy player like my self they are hard)  and I ahve prepared a small surprise in the mod.I do not think it has been done before.and its gonna be interesting to se how people react to it (if anyone plays that far)
I have been gotten a lot of scripting done. that is it feels like a lot. starting to have a nice collection. otherwise it has been the usual add content here add quests here add more placeables here. speaking if the latter . I added quite a few morel placeables to Aesir. I liked how it turned out. I am quite happy with the entire city and I hope to not hate it to much when I am done.

the first part of the mod is going to be beta tested hopefully by the beginning of next month. I can't wait to hear the reactions and to see how many bugs there is to fix. well I etter get back to the toolset to see if I should get something else done before I go to sleep. its now the interesting stuff wl be made.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


here are some features of the mod.
a trailer will be out in july.

-Cormyr based module with purple knights and warwizard PRC's
-good aligned only story.
-crafting ( mozt likely SoZ style , but looking into a simple custom system)
-Strongly story driven
-Single player/multiplayer mod
-SoZ style character creation.
-Party chat.
-100 % custom soundtrack by Tinyroom Audio.
-custom voice sets.
-voice overs for major NPC's
-immersive NPC's that will evolve as the game plays out
-30+ hours of game time (rough estimate at the moment, most likely its longer)
-lots of atmospheric exterior areas to be explored.
-dangerous dungeons with traps and puzzles. some might even hold long lost artifacts.
-100's of areas

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

a small poll

Added a small poll to see where people like playing.
the poll won't have me change anything in the mod
its just to see what other people like.

Monday, June 1, 2009

and then Back to work.

so I have returned and have started working on the mod "full time" again. still ways to go on the story board and I am thinking on how I can make Aesir seem fluid and come to life. I have to make sure that the events in Aesir doesn't get to monotonous or too boring. so far its going good but slow. this is done in parallel with writing the storyboard down into a digital form. ( I write like a doctor so I have to read the papers once or twice)
thats pretty much it for now , tons of work to be done. and I am off to do some

Monday, May 25, 2009

toolset free week starts ...............NOW !

so I have a week away from the toolset and its going to be a good week from teh looks of it .
sun and ice cream all the way.

today I recived a superb conversation from AUBite. I think the quality of the mod with him joining me to form a team is the greates thing tho have happened to this mod. I can now focus on more toolset related stuff. that is after I get every handwritten piece of information into a digital form. so thats my current objective. to lay down the story and backrounds as well as suplying maps for AUBite. he will have a lot to say on how the story evolves around what I have already made from the original PnP. and I think the story will improve on having a extra set of eyes focusing on the story.

however having a super scripter a 2d artist(for the worldmap(s)) and a 3d guru
would also be good to have a bit further down the road.

but as of now I can see the speed of the mod development skyrocket (well in my mind atleast)
and possible pushing the release a bit earlier.

encounter philosophy.
as much as the story is the main thing in TDM. I want to make the numerous fights interesting as well.this is something I have been thinking alot about. I do not want fights to be trivial. but not impossible either. balancing this is hard but I seem to have found a balance by testing them with different party configurations. some of my battles will require a lot of scripting. to add flavor to it. one thing I did not like with the OC was that most fights were simply "I hit you , you hit me" kind of fights. if you meet a named character in TDM. you can bet he is going to use tactics against you. evil characters will fight dirty. and hopefully I can make it so that players won't find them impossible either.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

The fey ri

so I promised to show a picture of the fey'ri here they are.

the siloutte

so I promised to show a picture of the fey'ri here they are.
I only use the standard elf , add a bit of tails and the wings galore pack. and lastly the lineage 2 armor pack. voila the fey'ri . however I might make them a bit different if I get find some better armor or perhaps some wings more like the horned devil's
this is what I wanted it to look like:

Saturday, May 23, 2009

A week off the toolset.

yep its comming a whole week "away" from the toolset. and I look forward to it. I have spendt the last few hours figuring out some mind boggling scripts. some worked some did not. but they I will get what I want to happen , to happen. technically i wont be away from the toolset it will be traveling with me however I'll only be getting a few hours a day which is basically "away"

in other new I have a new helper. AUBite. he is going to contribute as a writer and possibly a voice over actor. I have seen some of his writing and it bodes well for TDM. Now all I need is a genious at scripting.

so what have I been doing ? , well I have spent sometime in the studio. making music for another mod.(well 30 minutes) and started mocking up some orchestral arrangement for the first few locations.perhaps I will upload a snippet soon. also I did some work on the trailer.
not so much work in the toolset but running 24/7 toolset mayhem marathons is draining to say the least. I have done a little toolset work however. as I said I ahve done some scripting and fixed some mistakes in one of the earliest areas.
aparently I have written alot about nothing. Again. but hey Its my blog :)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Overland map.

I have been playing with the overland map. and I am not able to make it do what I want.
neither am I willing to spend much more time on it as there is so many other things in need of doing. so I will stick with the original plan of a oc like map. however I am not content with what I am using now. So I am using it as a place holder until I get a 2d artist to create something entirely differently.

right now I am just taking a step back and looking at what I have I opened every area in all the campaign mods. it tooks some time. reviewing some of the areas I found some areas needing some minor tweaking(mostly the "chapter one " part but I do not view it as any time sink to slow me down.

Now I am going to create a hak with the custom stuff used. and I found a lot of nice stuff on the vault. however there are still a few things I'd like to find. like a dragon knight armor
I also forgot I have to create the cormyrian warwizard PRC class. but that can be fixed later on.

well thats it for my little update gonna head into 2da land now.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Milestone Reached, all areas done. what next

All Areas are done. all exterior and all interiors areas are done. it has been painful, it has been frustrating. but I am finally there. I still have some banners and custom content to add to the areas but that I will do when I start on rebuilding the TDM HAK file. which I should be doing soon
as well as doing the Overland map tests to see what I wanna go for. Overland or OC style. thats gonna be a interesting challenge. so this is what I have left.

1. getting the map done.
2. organizing the hak, and custom content
3.writing conversations and scripting
4. voice overs.
5. The creating the soundtrack (I probably will do this in between conversations and scripting)
6. BETA ! I am not gonna guess when I will be done.

and of course getting the trailer done.

still a lot more to go ,but I am confident that I will be getting there eventually.
as for next week I'm gonna not gonna spend much time near the toolset as I am hanging out with the offspring. and I do need a vacation away from the toolset.
I hope to have some version of the overland map ready soon.
well thats it for me tonight I gotta run off to work again.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Aesir complete.

So I completed aesir today. this large city is now complete in the sense I have placed the npc's and completed the areas. some npc's even have conversations to them. well a little at least.
Aesir is large. its where a substantial amount of the play time will be here. I just hope it isn't to large.
there is approximately 54 areas (give or take a few) in the city so there should be more than enough to do there. I am more than satisfied with the city as it is now. I have added a lot of optional lore for those who want to really get into the history of the city (several books npc's etc).
also for those who want. there are several factions in the city to ally with or turn against.
when we played the original campaign in PnP version I gave the players an option of going the diplomatic way or the more violent way. they managed to do a bit of both. and I hope I can make the TDM mod in the same way especially the slums area is very interesting (from my point of view) this way.

Now I am going to do the following. finish up the dungeons. and that I think will be tons of fun. I was reading up on them jsut before I started writing this. I am going to redo the dungeons slightly from the original campaign. the dungeons will be dangerous and will have something for every class.

I also am a fan of "boss" battles , this means there will be lots of custom scripted baddies. so if you see something like Gang leader or Chieftain prepare those potions :)

well thats it for now I gotta run of to work

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Slideshow: added

Added a slideshow to better show off the screenshots

The longest journey.

today I have been creating interiors. a bunch of them. I am almost done with aesir castle district. and there are still more that needs to be made. ( I estimate about 60-70) and I am tired of making them. thus I whine about it here :). but on a more serious note . thigs are actually progressing smoothly and I hope to have interiors done by the end of the month. being able to mod at work is a huge advantage. I also noticed I have spendt about 1200 hours on TDM so far (including the stuff I did before the Hard drives died) which is alot. that number leaves me wondering on how much I am going to spend on TDM. most likely twice that amount or even more. if anyone is interested I'd be more than happy to have someone assist me on interiors.
I'm really starting forward to getting a trailer out. only hinges on the studio getting on line again so I can start on the sounds, music and voice overs. eventually I will be needing people to do some voice overs so if anyone reding this would be interested let me know. (though this bit is still some way down the road.) I am also going to add a gallery of screenshots. which will include many new exteriors. and some screenshots of already known areas that I jsut didn't make public.

well thats my spam for today I still got a "few" interiors to do. so back into the toolset for me

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Some Background on Aesir.

heres the background on aesir as requested. I'll mark the first line of the actual description of the city with red colored text on hte first sentence.

around the year 908DR Samdar Aeris Leaves Halruua. not being partiuculary good with magic. and not having any real interest in it. He became a outsider among his countrymen. His father, a wizard and diplomat from Cormyr had married into Halruuan nobility. (which of course led to him being replaced from his position). His father Gaedyn Aeris had told him countless stories about the legendary knights and wizards to Samdar. of course being a wizard he hoped that his son one day would return to cormyr to wear the purple garments of a war wizard.

at the age of 17 he ran away from the constant harrasment for not being able to use magic. he was considered a trouble maker and violent. this was due to his facination for the purple knights. prefering sword to magic wasn't much accepten in halruuan society. he left a note explaining his thoughs to his parents. who eventually grew to understand his predicament.

At the age of 20 he was already a hardened fighter. by joining a merchant guild, shortly after leavin halruua, as a mercenary guard. he was taught the way of the warior by some of the older emplyees. After 3 years (from age 17 to 20)of being a mercenary he went on to cormyr to fulfill his dream.becomming a Dragon knight.
the boat he took from westgate took him to a small fishing village whose name is lost to the ages.
there he met a young girl standing under tha branches of a tree waiting for her lover to return from the sea. The girl said nothing only stared with a searching gaze upon the waves that washed ashore. the tree she wans standing under was sait to once be a treant wanting to ahve his final resting place near the sea. it was also said that the tree's branches grew over the girl to to shelter her from the rain.
During his stay the village was atacked by bandits. he swiftly dealt with them while assisting the fishermens defence of the village. by this he quickly became a local hero. he left a week after the incident

He went to suzail the capital and his fathers birthplace. And was strucken by the city's splendor.
he went to the suzail Dragon knight headquarters and passed every test gracefully. He had started his road to climb the ranks to eventually become a dragon knight. He proved himself in many battles and after 5 years he managed to become one of the youngest knighted dragon knights in cormyr. He was then granted land. He asked the king if there was a possibility to be granted the land near the fishing village he once visited. The king was pleased for someone to ask for this area. the fishing village. after the Birth of Sembia earlier that year a more defined cormyrian presence was needed *(See footnote

Here begins the Actuall stuff about aesir
He was granted the land and started to build a castle on the top of a hill in the rocky areas around the fishing area. With him the king had sendt Egèan Danuri. A fellow dragon knight they were to split the responsibility of making the southeast of Cormyr a better place. they shared the castle and the funds, and quickly became very good friends.Danuri was in charge of the local areas around way of the manticore a major traderoute.and Aesir was in charge of the local afairs and the "diplomatic" problems.
Having learned etiquette from his Halruuan life he quickly managed to tie lasting bonds to the surrounding nobles,farmers and hamlets around him. this led to the area around the fishing village to become the most prosperous in the region. eventually he built walls around the castle and including the fishing village.

The woman he had met so many years earlier. now called the silent widow. stil waited for her lover after all theese years. Aesir took a strange fondess to the girl and visited her as often as he could. after the construction of the walls the villagers voted to name the newborn city Aesir. which is the naem it still carries. the docks were built and ships started comming in from all over the dragon coast and the inner sea. during this period a mechant guild built a headquarters in the docks.soon the need to expand came and aesir ordered the building of another city district. the commons. the commons was originally thought of as a market center for inland trade(as the docks was for waterway trade.) unfortunately this was never realized as Aesir was found murdered in his bed, chest cut open and heart removed , alongside him lay a black rose reeking of sulphur. Aesir's fondess for the silent widow had over time evolved into love. Because of this he never took a wife. He died without any children in 935, 47 years old

Aesirs death left a vacuum in the new city's power structure. Danuri knew he was not fit for such a task so he established a ruling city council to deal with the beurocracy. he went on improving roads. hte commons were used as a dumping ground for the middle class. as the nobility claimed the castle area for them selves. a wall was built between the docks and the castle district. this left the city with three clearly defined districts and classes. where the poorest and the dockworkers lived in the docks, the middle class hauled up in the commons, and the upper class in the rocky hills of the castle district.

the nobility of aesir tried to change the name on numerous occations but never succeded due to the protests of its inhabitants.
Egèan Danuri was ultimately striped of any real power, carying only his name and the influence that brought him. which was substantial due to his family's history. the Danuri family Dragonknights was there at the birth of cormyr as a nation. and thus carried a lot of weight at the cormyrian court. He nobility felt his precence at the council meetings were not needed as he rarely was there at all.

during the late 50's a new area sprung up near Aesir. this area would later be known as the slums. people deemed unworthy of living inside the walls of aesir were thrown out ( only a nobles claim of a theft was enough to get one of the lower classes thrown out)
later the slums were filled with refugees from wars and people wanting to find a better life for themselves in a city. skirmishes between guards and inhabitants of the slumms were getting more and more frequent during hte 1360's this lead to the merchant guild giving up on the nobility to act before everything got out of hand. they build a small guild hall in the slums. they organized mercenarys and locals to create a guard unit. however the merchant guards had not much success in calming the masses. after building a wall around the district the inhabitants of the district calmed down. nobles tolerated the slums because of two things. the pleasure houses and a way to get their hands on stuff they otherwise could not.

in 1364 the current members of the danuri family Thaelan and Gregorius was accused for treason by the nobility. the evidence for this was presented to king azoun. who imidiately striped them of all property and titles as dragon knights. He also Sent out a reward for anyone who could capture them alive.
When the inquisitors came to pick them up they had fled their mansion in the castle district. and noone has seen or heard from then since.
in the years after the danuri brothers was striped of their rank. the taxes increased and budgets on repairs ,soldiers etc was cut. The merchant guild has heard rumors of large sums of money being transfered from the capital to the Aesir. this to help the strugling city with repairs.
The merchant guild has requested insight in the city's book keeping. but has been answered only with silence. the slums have grown more violent than ever and the entire city is at a boiling point.

this is where the adventure starts. I hope my wall of text didn't hurt you :)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Milestone reached.

Just now I reached an important milestone. completed some of the 50ish exteriors for the mod.
now I head to the tedious task of creating finishing interiors. I already have a good portions of interiors. so I guess the next milestone will be acomplished pretty fast.
the work on the custom sound set for ree's minotaur is also almost done. I have also started some work on the trailer and I have som materials for it . mostly lacking music at the moment.
the trailer will feature some of the voice overs included in the mod.
the part I fear the most is the beta testing. I'm gonna have someone test the first few hours of the mod in the near future. I personally enjoyed it ,but then again its tailored to my taste :P

I hope there is some interest in this mod, as alot of work has gone into it . and alot more is going into it.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Interor motive

So I am doing the final few exteriors. and I am going to start on the interiors. I much prefer doing exteriors for some reason. they are easier. but I am looking forward to do some of the dungeons I have drawn. gonna have those skill checks going at a fairly high rate.
did a few scripts after completing a highland area and a few conversations in Aesir. so I dont fall into a apathic state of exterior building. I also revised some of the original story to better suit the CRPG version of the PnP story. I think it changed into something better.
I also am considering slashing down some of the mods content. as the mod is starting to grow and is becoming a fairly large download without the custom stuff.
well anyways I throw in a few screens again from a new area. its a highland exterior located near Thunder Peaks.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Jungle fever and Milestones

Now I am close to a milestone. Complete the exteriors.there are close to 50 of them at the writing moment. varying in sizes and locations some of them are complete with quests and and ready to be tested(I have aproximately 3 hours of gameplay ready). just now I am close to finalizing a "jungle" that I am quite happy with. I liked running around in it atleast :)
And come late June I will have a trailer ready. the trailer is delayed due to some studio equipment in need of repairs. and of course it will feature a taste of the original score from The demons melody.

Here are some screens from the area I am currently working on

Still need too finish up this part of the area

Mysteries await the ever enduring the ever adventuring default drow

What secrets does the pillar hide ?

pffff this needs more work

Thank you RWS for making these awesome models

Still got some stuff to do on that area. adding more tree's to make it seem overgrown. And just play run through it a few more times until I like the flow and feel of it.
I also enlisted the aid of another writer to create some generic conversations etc. this should help out on some of the massive workload that this mod requires.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Getting there is half the fun.

My progress seems to have taken a leap and I now have quite a few exterior areas. I still haven't logged a single hour in the sound studio.
some areas I have completed in its entirety, some still needs work. Most of my areas allow for some exploration. Since that is something I love to do myself. one concern I still have is the sheer size of the mod. but I guess I can host the mod myself should it be too big for the vault to handle. Today another piece of custom content grabbed my attention. The RWS monster pack. It has some monsters I just had to include :) . I completed the city of Aesir. its a large city consisting of 4 areas and several hours of gameplay. the four areas are :

docks ,slums, castle, commons and including a sewer stretching across the 4 areas. I am pretty content with the end results.
now I'm trying to get the last areas finished and I am hoping I will have them ready by the end of the month.

and now for a screenshot of some work in progress.

this is the area I am currently working on I got a few more floaing trees to deal with and some more coloring.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Aesir, heart of southwestern cormyr

A little update on my progress. I am in my final phases of completing Aesir. the largest city in The Demons Melody. originally it was a single 32 x 32 area. but after I lst that exterior I remade it for a more dynamic feel. its now split in three areas. the docks , the slums, and the noble quarter. I just now filling the area with npc's and commoners. and quests. alot of quests. both optional and main quest related. the work goes on pretty nicely and I think I can go back to worrying about starting to make a trailer for the mod. also I went away from not using any user made content. and I have now added some Robinsonworkshop stuff. and of course Ree's minotaur. which by the way is the reason I strayed from my initial thinking of not adding a hak to the mod.

here are some screnies from my work in progress of Aesir. I still have alot to do in terms of
texture , coloring and adding placables.

A statue of the city's Founder Lord Aesir Royal Dragon night of Cormyr 1st class

A View of Aesir's Tomb

Map Of Aesir docks

The Docks

A rooftop view of the Docks districk's West side

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Its not a hole in the road the road is gone.

So I hit a major snag. most of my areas scrips and conversations are gone.
how did this happen .. don I take backup ?

of course I do. I backup regularly my work onto 2 different medias a usb memory stick.
and a external HD. both of them died just recently. this is what happened:

I was reinstalling vista as there was so many problems and mr know it all support at Microsoft told me to reinstall. so I did. I copied my collected works onto the usb stick and the hd in different folders. I start the reinstall and vista installation crashes. what also happens is a power surge in the USB bus due to faulty hardware. where the USB memory stick and External HD is still connected.
needles to say none of them works anymore.

However I am more determined than ever to get the module up and runnig. and will start working on it after easter.

the good new is (if you call it good) is that the stuff I have in written form as conversations and story. are still in a binder located on a shelf in my working area. so I will update the page and hopefully will bring some decent new next time.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Triggerhappy, and in it for the long run.

so now I am at the point I have looked forward to and dreaded at the same time.
I have started scripting and fleshing out conversations full time. using a SOZ party creation I don't have to add more NPC's than I already had in my original PnP campaign. creating storylines for them etc. however , the immense amount of conversation options makes up for that. right now I am fleshing out the introduction/story conversation you trigger when you enter Theym (the starting town). I have made a conversation option for most classes and I'm adding some more later.
I also added some other class/race specific events to the first town. so far its going pretty well. I enjoyt thinking up theese kinds of things. just hope I am able to add some moderation as well.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

4 x players tons of fun.

today I created a party of 4 and did a quest in the starting area. created a party of 4 which is max user created characters. I created a dwarf warrior , halfling rogue , human cleric, and a elf ranger. Apparently I need to add some more difficulty to as the first hour is too easy gonna flesh out the conversations and add some more side quest to the starting areas.
most areas are now complete by that I mean that they are mostly done. I will probably do some more texturing and throw in some more placeables. also I havent made any custom lights yet. except for torches and fires. also I need to add sounds to the areas but thats for a later day.
as for music .....I really should get some time logged in the studio soon (something that should sbe written on my gravestone).

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Near completion on areas.

Most areas are now complete. I have a few areas I will revisit, retexture and recheck for flying trees etc. But thats  after I have completed some scripting / conversations. which I will start on this weekend. WEE. I guess I should start getting some music and VO done soon.

anyways milestone of areas is going to be reached by the weekend. the little rascal slept a lot while visiting so I got some stuff done. as I said I will be starting the conversations scripting and preparations for the trailer this weekend. (trailer wont be released until I made some music for it.)
Also I was considering releasing a small 1 hour action mod with the background story of one of the NPC's in demons melody. If I do It will be released late april early may. 

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Screenshots part 2

and here are some more screens

all the screenshots are work in progress some areas are due to be retextured and reworked slightly in  the future.
just like I work with music I let the areas I maker lay for a week or two or three. then I check them out again thoroughly with a fresh and clear mind and do the necessary adjustments.
I still got a long way until I have any playable / releasable.

Finaly , screenshots

After getting a feeling of presenting nothing but air. I give you theese following screenshots of areas I am working on (not complete)

After getting a feeling of presenting nothing but air. I give you theese following screenshots of areas I am working on (not complete)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mod trailer.

I'm aiming at getting a trailer for the mod up and running by the start of next month. just gotta stay of the toolset long enough to create a trailer song:P.
havent gotten much work done now as my son is here. hopefully the cloroform will make him sleep longer so I can get some work done :D
If anyone except my self is reading this blog I have this request.
if anyone feel like they can contribute with some custom content. anything at all be it prefabs textures artwork or any 3d placables/trees. it wil be welcomed as I do lack some cusstom content. if you have something you have that you want to share. then give me a shout at right now I could use som Banners with the cormyr "logo" on them.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Got alot done today. completed the exterior of the main quest hub. + a few more areas placed some NPC's around but not something I|m focusing on.  as I want to get the areas and the placables withing the areas done first. its going well and if the other areas I have planned goes as fast and turns out as good (well with my skill I think the areas would pass as good)
then I might be able to complete all exterior areas by mid april.
the next week will be slow one as I have my son visiting. and time is better spent with him.
Found a NPC package at AWESOME ! saves me some time.
I am considering adding some more prestige classes from the forgotten realms 3rd ed. book

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The crude to do list

this is a rough list of things that needs to be done.and the % completed 

100 %

10 % complete, still need a lot of interiors and if possible getting some custom 3d content done.
possible date of completion. at my current rate. approximately beginning of may. all depending on how long my son vil visit me.

Music :
20 % complete , I have some songs originally  intended for another game in the same genre laying about.

Conversations: ca 5-10 % complete. first part of the game complete. and I have got a lot of notes from the PnP version of the story.

about 50 % done would be nice if the appearance wizard would stop crashing.

Scripting: with my basic knowledge of C++ and the apparently awesome community I cant see much problem in this part. first part completely scripted.

Quests and optional stuff:
 got a lot to do here 1-5 % done.

Its decided so.

After fiddling about with the Neverwinter nights 2 toolset for a while. I have decided to actually make something playable. and so far so good. 

A little about the project:

the setting for my mod is placed in cormyr , not too long after king Azoun IV's death.
The rightful heir to the cormyrian throne is still and infant. and in his stead his aunt Alusair cobarsky rules. 
With more to do than resources to do it with, the Alusair has turned to adventurers to help stabilizing the turbulent country.

this is where the Mod starts.
The mod is based on a story I made for the PnP version of D&D 3rd ed. 
when done the mod will have the following features:

-An original story set in the kingdom of Cormyr in the Forgotten realms campaign.
-a semi linear story line.
-SoZ party creation, there will be companions ,but only for story telling parts. 
-a soundtrack featuring 20-30 minutes of original music.
-A good aligned only adventure.
-more TBA 

as I am still making the mod I am open for sugestions.