Friday, March 27, 2009

Triggerhappy, and in it for the long run.

so now I am at the point I have looked forward to and dreaded at the same time.
I have started scripting and fleshing out conversations full time. using a SOZ party creation I don't have to add more NPC's than I already had in my original PnP campaign. creating storylines for them etc. however , the immense amount of conversation options makes up for that. right now I am fleshing out the introduction/story conversation you trigger when you enter Theym (the starting town). I have made a conversation option for most classes and I'm adding some more later.
I also added some other class/race specific events to the first town. so far its going pretty well. I enjoyt thinking up theese kinds of things. just hope I am able to add some moderation as well.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

4 x players tons of fun.

today I created a party of 4 and did a quest in the starting area. created a party of 4 which is max user created characters. I created a dwarf warrior , halfling rogue , human cleric, and a elf ranger. Apparently I need to add some more difficulty to as the first hour is too easy gonna flesh out the conversations and add some more side quest to the starting areas.
most areas are now complete by that I mean that they are mostly done. I will probably do some more texturing and throw in some more placeables. also I havent made any custom lights yet. except for torches and fires. also I need to add sounds to the areas but thats for a later day.
as for music .....I really should get some time logged in the studio soon (something that should sbe written on my gravestone).

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Near completion on areas.

Most areas are now complete. I have a few areas I will revisit, retexture and recheck for flying trees etc. But thats  after I have completed some scripting / conversations. which I will start on this weekend. WEE. I guess I should start getting some music and VO done soon.

anyways milestone of areas is going to be reached by the weekend. the little rascal slept a lot while visiting so I got some stuff done. as I said I will be starting the conversations scripting and preparations for the trailer this weekend. (trailer wont be released until I made some music for it.)
Also I was considering releasing a small 1 hour action mod with the background story of one of the NPC's in demons melody. If I do It will be released late april early may. 

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Screenshots part 2

and here are some more screens

all the screenshots are work in progress some areas are due to be retextured and reworked slightly in  the future.
just like I work with music I let the areas I maker lay for a week or two or three. then I check them out again thoroughly with a fresh and clear mind and do the necessary adjustments.
I still got a long way until I have any playable / releasable.

Finaly , screenshots

After getting a feeling of presenting nothing but air. I give you theese following screenshots of areas I am working on (not complete)

After getting a feeling of presenting nothing but air. I give you theese following screenshots of areas I am working on (not complete)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mod trailer.

I'm aiming at getting a trailer for the mod up and running by the start of next month. just gotta stay of the toolset long enough to create a trailer song:P.
havent gotten much work done now as my son is here. hopefully the cloroform will make him sleep longer so I can get some work done :D
If anyone except my self is reading this blog I have this request.
if anyone feel like they can contribute with some custom content. anything at all be it prefabs textures artwork or any 3d placables/trees. it wil be welcomed as I do lack some cusstom content. if you have something you have that you want to share. then give me a shout at right now I could use som Banners with the cormyr "logo" on them.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Got alot done today. completed the exterior of the main quest hub. + a few more areas placed some NPC's around but not something I|m focusing on.  as I want to get the areas and the placables withing the areas done first. its going well and if the other areas I have planned goes as fast and turns out as good (well with my skill I think the areas would pass as good)
then I might be able to complete all exterior areas by mid april.
the next week will be slow one as I have my son visiting. and time is better spent with him.
Found a NPC package at AWESOME ! saves me some time.
I am considering adding some more prestige classes from the forgotten realms 3rd ed. book

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The crude to do list

this is a rough list of things that needs to be done.and the % completed 

100 %

10 % complete, still need a lot of interiors and if possible getting some custom 3d content done.
possible date of completion. at my current rate. approximately beginning of may. all depending on how long my son vil visit me.

Music :
20 % complete , I have some songs originally  intended for another game in the same genre laying about.

Conversations: ca 5-10 % complete. first part of the game complete. and I have got a lot of notes from the PnP version of the story.

about 50 % done would be nice if the appearance wizard would stop crashing.

Scripting: with my basic knowledge of C++ and the apparently awesome community I cant see much problem in this part. first part completely scripted.

Quests and optional stuff:
 got a lot to do here 1-5 % done.

Its decided so.

After fiddling about with the Neverwinter nights 2 toolset for a while. I have decided to actually make something playable. and so far so good. 

A little about the project:

the setting for my mod is placed in cormyr , not too long after king Azoun IV's death.
The rightful heir to the cormyrian throne is still and infant. and in his stead his aunt Alusair cobarsky rules. 
With more to do than resources to do it with, the Alusair has turned to adventurers to help stabilizing the turbulent country.

this is where the Mod starts.
The mod is based on a story I made for the PnP version of D&D 3rd ed. 
when done the mod will have the following features:

-An original story set in the kingdom of Cormyr in the Forgotten realms campaign.
-a semi linear story line.
-SoZ party creation, there will be companions ,but only for story telling parts. 
-a soundtrack featuring 20-30 minutes of original music.
-A good aligned only adventure.
-more TBA 

as I am still making the mod I am open for sugestions.