Thursday, April 30, 2009

Aesir, heart of southwestern cormyr

A little update on my progress. I am in my final phases of completing Aesir. the largest city in The Demons Melody. originally it was a single 32 x 32 area. but after I lst that exterior I remade it for a more dynamic feel. its now split in three areas. the docks , the slums, and the noble quarter. I just now filling the area with npc's and commoners. and quests. alot of quests. both optional and main quest related. the work goes on pretty nicely and I think I can go back to worrying about starting to make a trailer for the mod. also I went away from not using any user made content. and I have now added some Robinsonworkshop stuff. and of course Ree's minotaur. which by the way is the reason I strayed from my initial thinking of not adding a hak to the mod.

here are some screnies from my work in progress of Aesir. I still have alot to do in terms of
texture , coloring and adding placables.

A statue of the city's Founder Lord Aesir Royal Dragon night of Cormyr 1st class

A View of Aesir's Tomb

Map Of Aesir docks

The Docks

A rooftop view of the Docks districk's West side

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Its not a hole in the road the road is gone.

So I hit a major snag. most of my areas scrips and conversations are gone.
how did this happen .. don I take backup ?

of course I do. I backup regularly my work onto 2 different medias a usb memory stick.
and a external HD. both of them died just recently. this is what happened:

I was reinstalling vista as there was so many problems and mr know it all support at Microsoft told me to reinstall. so I did. I copied my collected works onto the usb stick and the hd in different folders. I start the reinstall and vista installation crashes. what also happens is a power surge in the USB bus due to faulty hardware. where the USB memory stick and External HD is still connected.
needles to say none of them works anymore.

However I am more determined than ever to get the module up and runnig. and will start working on it after easter.

the good new is (if you call it good) is that the stuff I have in written form as conversations and story. are still in a binder located on a shelf in my working area. so I will update the page and hopefully will bring some decent new next time.