Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Main story COMPLETE!

so what does this mean you ask ? well that means that the mod is playable from the start to the point where the mod ends. all conversations for the main story is complete (the wordcount is silly)
I got the urge and just decided to get the main story complete and use it as a skeleton to flesh out the rest of the mod. due some troubles I had regarding the many factions that currently exists in the mod.

so what left ?

the music.
some sidequests.
some boss scripts.and estetic scripting (vfx)
the overland strategy mode and the gui for it. this is to my knowledge a new way to use the overland map and haven't been done however a lot stil needs to be done
voice overs. b(I have started on some demon voice overs, something that has made the family dog afraid of me)

and the trailer is still on the just add music part. so I'll have it up in 3 weeks or so.
Maybe I'll upload upload a 30 sec teaser tomorrow or something.
I am pretty excited about this (as always) as this should prove the module will be released as it is as playable as it is now. there is probably a lot I could drop out in the mod to make it releasable faster. however I do not want to compromise with this project.
Now I am going to slow down a bit for the summer. as I said in the previous post. a lot of stuff happening this summer. an having some time away from the toolset is only healthy.

well I am going to sign off now and take a toolset summer vacation (well sort of )
I will update the blog and post on the NWN2 modules forum from tuime to time.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Adjusting for summertime. milestone, more than 50% done

the summer is now on for full and I have to slow down the modding a bit. I have upcomming weddings , large birthdays and my son is gonna stay with me for an extended period of time.
Which means I have less time for the mod. However I am more than 50 % done with it and parts of it are playable. Beta for the first part is hopefully coming up soon and I have started scoring the orchestral tracks. The music , as I am a musician, Will literally play a large part in the mod. I have been experimenting with scripting and I have gotten some interesting results. a part of what I have been trying to do is scripted underscoring. and I have been successful. I did a test a few months a go where I created a set of musical blocks that goes together with some scripting I made it possible to change the mood of the music when selecting a conversation option , needless to say this requires some effort to do, but I am going to implement it in at least one conversation.
I have also spendt alot of time coordinatin factions. and I probably will continue to perfect it.
the player will be given options on joining several factions in theym aligning with one will have positive and negative consequences. there will be rewards for joining factions and climbing to the top. I am not going deeper into this as it will be too revealing. I have been trying to keep quests consistent to the campaign and tried to get as many of the optional quests to have some impact on the main story. I feel if you take the time to explore the optional content you should be rewarded.

The more I complete the more exited I am about this mod. It is a good feeling seeing areas you've worked hard on get populated and interactive. I really cant wait to get some responses on TDM.
I am not even gonna guess at the hours I have spent in front of the toolset but its a lot.
some times have been somewhat frustrating when script that compiles doesn't fire when they are supposed to etc. but most of them have been solvable. some I had to redo but I managed to get the effect I wanted.

now what is left to do. pretty much the main story related stuff. Still alot of work there as I mostly have done side quests and npc's I am thinking about scripting more monsters as I believe this is fun to have monster that do other stuff than just run to you and attack you. I need to tweak the grouped monsters AI.
but most importantly the custom UI needs to be done. the Journal needs rework in my opinion and I will redo that. and adding some ui for the battles and a few more stuff I haven't revealed yet. beucaus I am not sure it will be worth the time to implement or not. but we will see
also I am in need of a 2d artist to do some custom cutscene clips. etc

well I think I said most of what I wanted to say. just gonna add that the development during the summertime is going to be slow. due to real life. (no more 16 hour days of toolset mayhem for a while.)

Monday, June 15, 2009

One disappointment ,some more expansion and a little gui work.

I haven't gotten much work done the last week. this is because of 2 things.

1.) I have been trying to figure out how to get ridable horses. this ended in a huge disappointment as the work required equals getting TDM complete. so its a no go, however I have managed to get npc's riding horses , but I am unsure of weather or not to include them , probably I wont.

2.) I have been trying to learn XML so I can create the custom gui required for some of the many Very Large scale battles in TDM. and I hope to get some Good looking ui windows up and running soon.

I have play tested the battle in game and its in my opinion alot of fun (I spent an entire evening on this. ) I have used nytir's battle system located on the vault. its highly recomended to try it as there is a test module included.
I thought I was done with Aesir Earlier this week then I discovered some minor thing I wanted to tweak when I played through some quests. s oI am hoping I will complete it by the end of the week. I used about 15 hours playing through random Aesir content. and I have not included the part before aesir. that should bring current game time up to aproximately 20 hours. during the summer I am going to work a bit slower as there is a lot of stuff happening. This project is perhaps the most fun large scale project I have ever started. and I plan to see it through despite some people believing I wont. I am close to halfway done :)

Monday, June 8, 2009

ready for the music.

Got a notice about the studio is being reassembled. that is god new because then I get my dear samples and recording gear back. So the trailer is within reach again. thats gonna be a relief to see that I have gotten this far.

I have been doing some AI tweaks on some bosses. I hope they will be a s fun as they will be hard (well to a clumsy player like my self they are hard)  and I ahve prepared a small surprise in the mod.I do not think it has been done before.and its gonna be interesting to se how people react to it (if anyone plays that far)
I have been gotten a lot of scripting done. that is it feels like a lot. starting to have a nice collection. otherwise it has been the usual add content here add quests here add more placeables here. speaking if the latter . I added quite a few morel placeables to Aesir. I liked how it turned out. I am quite happy with the entire city and I hope to not hate it to much when I am done.

the first part of the mod is going to be beta tested hopefully by the beginning of next month. I can't wait to hear the reactions and to see how many bugs there is to fix. well I etter get back to the toolset to see if I should get something else done before I go to sleep. its now the interesting stuff wl be made.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


here are some features of the mod.
a trailer will be out in july.

-Cormyr based module with purple knights and warwizard PRC's
-good aligned only story.
-crafting ( mozt likely SoZ style , but looking into a simple custom system)
-Strongly story driven
-Single player/multiplayer mod
-SoZ style character creation.
-Party chat.
-100 % custom soundtrack by Tinyroom Audio.
-custom voice sets.
-voice overs for major NPC's
-immersive NPC's that will evolve as the game plays out
-30+ hours of game time (rough estimate at the moment, most likely its longer)
-lots of atmospheric exterior areas to be explored.
-dangerous dungeons with traps and puzzles. some might even hold long lost artifacts.
-100's of areas

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

a small poll

Added a small poll to see where people like playing.
the poll won't have me change anything in the mod
its just to see what other people like.

Monday, June 1, 2009

and then Back to work.

so I have returned and have started working on the mod "full time" again. still ways to go on the story board and I am thinking on how I can make Aesir seem fluid and come to life. I have to make sure that the events in Aesir doesn't get to monotonous or too boring. so far its going good but slow. this is done in parallel with writing the storyboard down into a digital form. ( I write like a doctor so I have to read the papers once or twice)
thats pretty much it for now , tons of work to be done. and I am off to do some