Friday, July 31, 2009

CC release from tdm and the road ahead

so I have been having my son over for a week now , and what a week it has been.
I am looking forward to the next and last week with him. truly remarkable how kids make time fly.

lately I have been able to do some minor stuff like making the rough layout on a song or two for the mod. I am trying to the best of my abilities to capture the atmosphere of the mod.
and I wont reuse anything from nwn2 and its expansions. I didn't manage to get the trailer done by the time my son arrived so it will have to be completed after he has gone.
I also took the time to finish up the Skydome pack I was using for The Demons Melody. a total of 11 of them. I hope some people will be able to use them. should be on the vault sometime today hopefully. the only crap thing about hte upload was that I packed the wrong hak. I uploaded the ones which I did not retouch. so the lower part of the sky will seem a bit stretched if you aren't using skyrings.
Speaking of skyrings. I am looking into making some skyrings of my own. in case you have no clue as to what I am talking about. skyrings are the silhouette of mountains , hills or other landscapes you may se in some mods and the oc + exp. I want to experiment a bit with these so I am going to try a few blender model out. hopefully it will work :D

lately IU have been spending alot of time in a community called "Tavern of Hidden tales"
its a forum for player developer interaction and I must say I quite like it there.
a lot of friendly people and starting to be a few developers as well.

also as there is a week and a half until I am starting to crank in the last things thats need to be done. from here on out its gonna be full speed ahead. I want to get this project out this side of the year , however thats optimistic. there are still figuring out which npc's will get voiceovers etc. but thats still a few months into the future.
now I am going to go all out in recruiting people to help out with various tidbits. I want to get this one done so I can finally play some modules and PW's myself.
as always feel like you want to add something jsut give me a heads uop I am starting to see the end of this project and I want to play it from start to end in its complete state myself

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Details ,music, and

So I haven't been doing much at all on the mod lately. however I have been fiddling about with some music. And I am pretty satisfied with the trailer music so far. The trailer however I decided to rerecord some parts as I found out that Xfire Had a way to record video for free.
s I am hoping to get the trailer pieced together by friday afternoon as after that I will have my hands full with my son. there I will finally have some pictures of the finished Aesir , some other areas I haven't shown screenshots from. the trailer will feature custom music , the companions will be showcased. and most importantly clips of the game play. and a hint of voice overs.

So I now have a trailer and a completed main story part , why don't I release.
well I wanted to at a point as I was a bit tired of the toolset. but having the past month away from it has reignited the passion for it.
now I have trouble restraining myself from adding to many concepts into the mix.
I have smething special in mind for each playable core class and the war wizard and Dragon knoght prc. the latter is required if you choose a military career.
did I say career ? yes I did. I am going to allow players to choose a career, like a military , merchant ,crafter, and thinking of adding a politician / noble career as well.
I also redid the player created characters part a bit. when creating them you get the option of giving them traits. these traits influence the characters behavior and responses accordingly.
I also have a rework of the party chat interface on the to do list to combine it with cut scenes.
I always felt the cut scenes were lacking a bit of interaction. so this is my personal remedy for it. well back to SoZ character creation. the main focus will be upon the first player generated character. and all of the class related "special " abilities I will add will be for that character only. it was a slow day at work yesterday so I got to test some theories and such there. and I have completed a list of specials for most classes. I have been testing some of them and those I have tested seem to work fine. yay for that :)

for now the Turn based strategy mode is a bit on hold but the inclusion of this feature looks VERY ! promising indeed as I have recruited my good friend SK to help out on it. this is a must have feature for me. it seems like we will be featuring Nytir's battle system in both strategy mode and "normal" mode. Nytir's work on that system is formidable ,and most impressive.


as I grow ever more confident in the toolset I find my older areas to be sub par , so I am going to have a look at giving them a face lift. I want this mod to be good in every aspect.
now about the music , I am really excited about this as I have recently done some upgrades.
so the mod will feature a singing choir. I kinda look forward to when the first person figures out that the choir actually sang "cormyr" I am giggling like a schoolgirl in anticipation.
this mod , I think . be a typical mod. first of all it seem to take advantage of the full level range 1- 30 which is quite different from what I envisioned wen I began the mod. the areas in the mod are very large. not amny areas are smaller than 16x16 and the largest is 32x32 with a height variance of 95(for those of you that use the toolset)
there is a lot of work to do in this mod still , and I will most likely hack at it to have as much detail in it as I can possible make. and I am already starting to dread the horrid debug/beta phase that I most likely will start around christmas time. however with the rate of which I think up new features or find something that have slipped by me on the first read through on the original notes , it may be a bit later. but I hope to have it ready by then

in the mean time I hope to find more people to help out so I can focus some more on the music and features of the mod

until next time CHEERS !


Sunday, July 5, 2009

Monkeys and typewriters

what a long strange road this has been. I started out modding knowing nothing at all about anything (mod related) that was hmm lets see in late february ,early march. since then I have been going at it day and night to create a module I would like to play myself. now I see that I am soon able to release. However being able is not the same as should , as it is now the mod isn't much more than exploration and the main main quest. I also want to go over the 200'ish areas to see if there is room for improvements. Which there most likely is. now as I have entered my toolset free month(s) I am going to actively look for a 2D artist to do some artwork for me. the trailer is due soon. and I hope it will inspire some people to play this mod.

I was thinking about just releasing the entire thing and be done with it. but I jsut cant leave something unfinished. take the Theym NPC's for instance I still haven't finished their quests. in adittion to completing them I need to have them evolve as you progress through their quests and for those who didnt't know here is a spoiler.


They will join up and evolve through the game take different paths from the findings in your quests. some paths will be a little different depending on what actions you choose. the hard part here is writing the dialogues as the player have known the npc's their entire life. this is quite intricate and difficult to write. but I hope I will make it somehow


I have made this mod as I want a game to be played. so I ahve tried to make the story interesting and have a few interesting fights.
Also I want to make the player created characters more interesting. I was thinking about having the players select traits for them. as in happy , careless, rude , insane, etc. however this requires an insane amount of work. and probably will be scrapped but at leas I am thinking of something.
there is a lot of things I want to implement but I am afraid to burn out on the toolset.
so its a good thing I am doing the music. which will be released at the vault among other stuff.

I wont be adding the insane amount of conversation choices as I originally thought. I felt having more npc recognition the npc's being more responsive. however this is to each ones taste.
and as I said I am making this how I want it to be.

now I have written enough for today , I think I hear a movie calling me over to the tv.