Thursday, August 6, 2009

The fragmented one

It was all so easy back then. No shades of grey, all was just black or white. Good or evil

If I had known then what my actions would bring my beloved Cormyr. I would have chosen death.

But fate wanted otherwise,

and darkness fell upon my beloved country.

Who could have known that my knowledge of Toril's mythology, could be this dangerous.

The gods themselves tremble. And I can do naught, but wait for his mind to slip.

And hope to maybe make my wrongdoings right.

Dare not close your eyes demon, for I am waiting!


Monday, August 3, 2009

A few small hicups. and a spoon of sugar to mend it

today I spendt a few hours in the toolset
so I hit a real game breaking trouble maker. the Docks area of Aesir crashed when I spawned in some stuff. apparently I have been using way to many triggers. 600ish in that area alone. but brianmeyer was really helpfull and got me on the right track with answering some questions on nwn2 chat. so now I have deleted most of them and added a Area HB. seems to have done the trick. I also removed Amstradhero's dynamic population system which is a let down but it would have been to much with all the additional triggers that I need. so I need to look more into what to replace it with.
I also split up Aesir into 4 modules now. may become 5 modules. this is to make sure that the ram requirements wont go through the roof, and eliminating a few untimely crashes. I also was able to
eliminate a bug when going between the jungle areas. its been a productive 2 hours: )

now I am going to alternate between bugfixes,music, and continue to connect the dots. hopefully I can get some more people to join in on this endeavor. oh and I almost forgot the trailer. gotta get a voice over for that one. just added a few posts here and there. I also have spoted a few people I want to ask to do some voice overs.

I also finished a few songs. and redid the trailer material slightly. the project is going along steadily even without the toolset. and now there is one week left until all baator breaks loose.
its gonna be one accelerating carrousel of work being done from now on.