Sunday, December 27, 2009

the wheels are turning again.

so I completely redid the starting area and nearing completion on that.
it turned out great , however some events need some scripting tweaks. I'm very pleased with the result so far.
the new setting let me add some initial ideas that would have been impossible with the FR setting without having to "do things wrong" with regards to lore. having a custom world means that no one can argue :)

I've also stopped working on some of the heavier script system like circle magic and Turn based system. I will still have large battles , but in real time. I've changed my focus to making the mod chronologically instead of completing sections of the mod. So I did an al reset and removed a lot of unnecessary hak content. I also chopped the mod into bits or chapters if you like. however wether or not I'l release in chapters is undecided as of yet. the prologue of the mod was originally planned as a demo and still is , as I get to finish the area and script related issues I have I'll upload it. I also need to finish a few songs.

some of the areas I have made I'm thinking about uploading to the vault mainly the areas that didn't make it to the finished mod. like Theym was before the redesign.
I've also been drawing a map in a software called Artrage it looks like the doodles of a 4 year old but I think my sister is able to help me out on the map. I've also ben toying with overland maps. but as of yet I'm not planning on doing them. unless I suddenly et a lot of time on my hands. which is unlikely. I read in a forum post somewhere about using Overland maps as a city map ,where you can go to the different districts and have the odd random encounter pop up. this would solve a lot of issues I had with Aesir in its original form. and I can probably use the original aesir areas with some modifications for that purpose. but thats still in the future.

I'm gonna write up some backstory tomorrow in a new post , detailing a bit more of the world of Haedrin.

the new TDM is going to be slightly less complicated in terms of scripting systems as I rather would like to focus on some story related stuff. however It will still be one epic journey


Sunday, December 6, 2009

The return

So I've been having a lot to do and I have been having a lot of problems with the mod but I'm finally seeing the end of it all and. moving half way across the country and getting a new job. thats alot of work. I was hoping to get a trailer out , and I got some killer voice overs for it. but its on a bit of a hold for now as I ahve made some serious changes to the mod.

after much trouble with events and areas I found the boundaries of what the toolset is able to do. at least within a reasonable time frame. so I took a sort of reset on the module.
I pulled the mod out of the Forgotten Realms setting. but kept the story etc as it was (more or less)
it turned out better in my opinion. I'm changing

gonna return to updating this blog more often once again.