Monday, December 20, 2010

tests and musice and reelase woes.

So the tests and bug fixes are running as planned.discovered a few gamebreaking bugs as soon as the other people started running through the module. I hope theese will be fixed asap. and Ill be ready with the release some time in january/february all depending on the bugs and how well I have organized myself I feel I got a good thing going with my spreadsheets and all that. but still this part is pretty new and the project is fairly large so Ill be crossing everything that can be crossed in hopes that this testing will be as painless as possible.

This brings me to something I have been thinking lately. I'm about to release the first module as a demo of the rest of the campaign and if people do not like what they are playing. will it be worth it to relase the entire campaign as oposed to just releasing the areas,blueprints, scritps etc.
I've been spending nearly all of my time the last 2 years to build this behemoth. so if the few people still playing nwn2 modules wont play this one its gonna be sad. but then again I wont be forced to test the entire thing if it fails. then again if its reception is in the other en of the scale and people like it........... time will tell.

lastly as the others have been playing I have been making more progress on the musical side of things and I'm enjoying the time spendt with the composing. most of it is orchestral and some of it is just ambient cinematic soundscapes wit ha rythm or a particular mood. I was thinking about making a orchestral metal song for a particular boss fight just to see how that would work in a fantasy mod. I think I shall try and start doing that as soon as a particularly nasty crash to
desktop bug is fixed.

I've bee n talking about a trailer for nearly as long as I have been making the mod. now I do not think Ill ever finish that. even though I have the video recorded. My chaotic nature will be the end of me one day :P

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The sum of way to many parts

so I have assembled the areas streamlined the conversations for the first part of the campaign. it saddened me to se some very large conversations being scrapped as they would not fit the new paladin theme.

What gnaws on me the most is the skill checks, for as you know, paladins aren't the most "skillful" of people. however I think the companions will make up for that with their interjections and opinions. after last nights play through I felt the companions felt more alive as they would offer opinions tips and attack bonuses for certain situations. I've gone to great lenghts to make sure that the skill checks wont be felt as a loss.

The first module I will not feature the Overland maps. those are a bit more work intensive and I still got some testing to do on the OM spawn system. however there should be a good indication on how the rest of the campaign will be. the first module is linear with a few sidequests as a option so it wont feel completely linear. I want to avoid the horrid running 20 meters,then cutscene and repeat until the players go insane.

as for role play options I hope I have made enough Personality responses for the player. from pious to gruff even poet warrior quoatations.,and of course the neutral response. I wanted to add the personality traits so that there might be oppurtunities to certain quests and items , ie. Being a lore interested paladin might grant you some bonus lore skill or certain rare tomes with unique properties. the items wont be overly powerfull but they will be helpfull and most importantly fun.

all of the weapons and armor you get are custom blueprints with original hak content I gather most people are tired of looking the same in every module.

as for fighting style I have made it so you can use any weapon type. as the holy avenger will be of a weapon type of your choosing. be it 2 handed or 1 handed. tjhough admitteddly a paladin with sword and shield will be slightly better due to the itemization and paladin mechanics.

Im on the internal testing part now and I hopwe that I will have some beta ready material around christmas time so if anyone wants to volunteer as a beta tester then I'd be happy to have you.

here is the current to do list module 1

-brush uo on some texturing on a few areas.
-complete testing a few custom skills more throughly .
-load screens
-perhaps/mayby make the bloody trailer
-finish up the vocals on lains song (a song called little red bird in the language of Manx)
-a few more conversations on the end of the module needs a check up
-finish playing the the module without any game breakers.
-fix the bugs I found.
-post it

Monday, November 22, 2010

Release , the how to.

SO i HAve in the last few weeks been thinking about how to best release the module. in series or all in one go. Personally I feel that the 8 connected overland maps that make up the continent of Haedrin cannot be split up sucsessfully so I have more or less decided to release in one go , however for the beta Ill drop module by module on to the testers (once and if I find some willing to spend that amount of time to test the mod).

I've made my areas for Lance botelles , better the demon module. and should start working exclusively on my mod from here on out. taking a break from testing and convo checking was a needed distraction.

I hope to have some new screens from in game cut scenes as soon as I have delivered the areas to lance and gotten the thumbs up for them. also I hope to get some video and music up soon.

Friday, November 5, 2010

the new to do list

the last few weeks I have been alternating between being busy and doing areas for "better the demon". but now I've nearly completed the areas and should turn to my on project again.

as I posted earlier I have stripped everything in the demon melody to jsut the folders exported all the areas convos etc into a temporary folder and started adding them into modules again. so far I've done most of the first module. so theres still 25 more to go.

so this is what I gotta do now

  1. reasign all the 669 areas to their respectiv module

  2. Go over and streamline the convos for paladins. this is a lot of work.

  3. decide what script system makes it to the beta

  4. finish scripting the odd cutscene ,events and boss fights

  5. add flavor and more interjections

  6. polish the older areas if time permits

  7. playthrough and set a xp scale rate for the module.

  8. add the stuff I forgot into the to do list.

  9. decide what to keep and to throw away.

aside from making areas for "better the demon" I have also outlined a new overland encounter system. this I hope to eventually put up on the vault (hopefully by christmas) it will require settig up encounter areas with waypoints and creating an encounter trigger or two at the area but I believe this system will be easier to use than the Obsidian. I've also modified the "AI" to be a little harsher and use tactics in random encounters. I personally found the random encounters in soz to be to much of the same monsters running towards you. the random encounters will require something more rather than just charging in.

When you charge some dungons you first may need to clear its exterior before you can reach the inner sanctm of it and start harvesting legendary artefact. this requires you to have the player castle and have mustered a sizable force of troop. this requires you to berach through defensive lines to get to the dungeon door. this is done by conversation but I hope to make it more dynamic by adding a gui for it. you can delegate the assault to a sergeant (which you like in the oc have to meet and recruit. and or have the right faction for it) the different leaders have different things they can do well so depending on what you put them to d your leadership points change.leadership points is a resource for managin and recruiting new soldiers.

There are certain feats like leadership that will affect this to a small degree , but not to a point where it is neccesary to have it. The palading castle won't be exactly similar to the OC one with upgrades and stuff. rather it will work as a hub for quests, can hire/muster troops be it mercenaries or legionaires. as well as it will function as a storage facility. There will be outlaws charging the vastle from time to time and you can either deal with it yourself or get the other officers to fix it for you.

The module is of a bizarre size. Currently about 222 hours of total finished gameplay (roughly calculated from the spreadsheet). I know I have to redo the XP rescaling seing as my paladin is about lvl5 (or so)

I hope I can get the content into manageable chunks as I run through the qareas and mods looking for stuff to remove. but at any rate I feel like I have made all the stuff in the original PnP available. which was my initial goal (albeit it has changed form a few times , the core is the same)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

busy busy

The last few weeks have been really hectic. mooving and rebuilding my home studio. the latter part turned out really great. the moving into the apartment is a bit so so. as there are some work needed on the chimney and some slow pokes at a store that cant seem to get the stove I bought from point a , to point b.

inbetween all of this I've been trying to make som areas for lance botelles module "better the demon" this has been a fun experience. I hope to do this again in the future.

I have put of the next few weeks for his project. so I can start out on my own project again. I cant wait to start fiddling around with the mod.

I have beeen planning (mostly in my head) how to best make the modules flow in conjunction with the overland map. and I'm trying to keep load times at a minimum. however load times may be something I'll have to sacrifice for a better work flow of the module.
I jsut got my other computer up and running along nicely with my studio, and with it I ahve once more access to the complete module setup,26 in total before the optional stuff. the haks are up to 11(all less than 200mb in size to avoid bugs) damn you RWS for making so much cool stuff :D that being said I also have a lot of custom armors in there. I think I can justify the hak size when its compared to the scale of the mod itself

I've also written up armor and weapon tiers to better distribute the loot across the modules. I'll be implementing theese as soon as the areas for "Better the demon" is complete

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Moving to a new apartment.

I just got a new apartment I'm moving htere in 2 weeks time so needless to say the comming month might get a little amputated. The only thing that gets priority is an area I am making for Lance botelle over at I'm hoping to get it done next week (initially this week but everything suddenly turned upside down with the new apartment)

so what have I been doing mod wise ?

well I have continued figuring out what to keep , what to add and what to change/remove.
so far it has gone well. I rewrote the beginnig of the mod as aparently it was too dark and evil for some real life friends that played it. however I managed them to get really upset about some of the "evilish" characters thaat I included. one of the two that played compared the hate she had for the academy headmaster to that of the nurse in "one flew over the cookoos nest"with jack nicholson. I hope other potential players will have similar experiences then I'm a happy salmon.

I also encountered a few OM bugs. sometimes the spawned encounters would not despawn or stop chasing the players. this is probably me forgetting some scripts in the blueprints but a bug I'll save for later. also sometimes up to 3 instances of the same encounter would spawn at the same time.

additionally I have restarted playing the mod now adding Kaedrins prc pack which will be a requirement to play the mod. the additional classes makes for some awesome encounter tweaks for me. and I do love tweaking encounters :) my paladin is now level 4 and jsut started on the OM stuff.

the party limitations is at the writing moment 4 (3+PC) there should be 2 companions at the camp at all times (you can place the camp on safe spots on the OM )there are some companions that are non-human and will make cause a grand stirr up if the walk around the streets without disguise. theese can be left to guard the camp when you need to enter a city.(tere must be 2 in the camp at all times) you can find disguises for the non human companions.

the to do list as I see it now the next month or two(depending on ho long it takes me to settle into the new apartment.

finish of the last conversations in the begining of the mod. then take a look at revising the gnome race quest to the paladin flavor. can you stop the gnome robot uprising ? :O

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Some streamlining thoughts

After deciding to make TDM a 100% paladin mod some thoughts surfaced.
the paladins does not have the greatest of skill selection. this is something I have considered to do something about. apart from having the companions/henchmen bring out their opinions and know how at certain points of the story. I have been working hard on the companions making them feel like a part of the team and making them as believable as I can. to me building a team feeling is paramount. still some work to go there but I'm getting there.

next is character customization and roleplay options. I'm stil streamlining Player responses tweaking them into betterness (because perfection is such a ugly word.)

now I have focused on different types of responses an I'll try to the best of my abilities to keep them. a lot of the already written responses will be kept. But I feel I have to rewrite some, to give them more of a "paladin" flavor. I try to give several options in player responses to portray a number of from the zealot to the neutral to the near cold incarnation. I aim to make the paladin in this module pretty versatile. a lot of inspiration coems from the maimed god's saga. a great mod in all respects and the main influence of making this a paladin mod.(that and the fact that I ahve subconciously made the mod from a paladin perspectiv to begin with)

you should be able to specialize in most weapons available in the game. I'm working on adapting blueprints for several holy avenger type weapons. includeing flails,maces, bastardswords 2handed swords ,axes etc. what types I'll eventually decide on I'll take when I get there.
on a side not regarding gear. all magical armor and weapons have unique names and have some lore attatched to them.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Back from spain

So I am back from a lovely trip to spain. a million experiences richer. gotta love that country :D

so I am back modding again and I did a playthrough of the first part . found a few spell and grammar issues. some conversation strangeness and a few "oopsies" in a few scripts. but should work properly now I also redid the start slightly to better fit the paladin stremlined story. I am also playing with kaedrins extra paladin spells (I LOVE THIS ! ). Right now my play through toon is LVL3 and I'm having a good time playing it. and as I play I am also seeing if there is content I can remove or reuse (ie the other class related quest areas and side quests, along with items and sidequests.

at the moment the biggest issue I have is the OM. I found some scripting boo boo's there I need to fix along with some geographical changes that I feel is needed to make the world and some events feel more believable.

I also had a blast with the bounty hunting side of the mod. each town has an imperial offical that will take proof of capture/death of outlaws and turn it into gold. I started the Bounty hunterquest until I found a game breaking bug in the area enter script of one of the areas which causes the game to crash.

side quests/paths are something I have given a great deal of thought to. if you complete some of them like say bringing a known murderer to justice. there is a percentage in all the cities to spawn a npc(s) that will recognize the deed for better or worse. ie other outlaws seeks to take you down. relatives of the murderer's victims seek you out to thank you etc. theese character should spawn only once. though in my case I managed to spawn 3x encounters after cashing in a captured small time thief.

I noticed most of the adventure is outdoors as I feel more confident in making exterior areas rather than interiors.

so the paladin only have so many skills and skill points. this makes the companions a bigger asset. and this makes their role (in my opinion) stick out a bit more. for a moment I thought about leaving some of the companions out of the mod. but I figured that , that was one way to add depth to the mod without adding more work. I made some events that will unfold in certain areas depending on who you have along for the journey.

Changes so far; I redid the start a little and the story slightly to make the paladin only. I have playtested tis and it works. and I am pretty satisfied with the turnout.

the challenges up ahead are skill use many conversations I have written are heavy on skill use. so the plan so far is trying to se if I can use party chat and make the dialogues unique to certain party members. though at the writing moment I have no idea so I'll nag on the IRC or test it tomorrow.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Another dramatic change.

I was playing the mod last week as a paladin roaming about a few areas and seeing the mod in game. and I realize that having 15 class paths is jsut to much work I ahve more or less finished the paladin quest and the mods overall theme and play style suits paladin better than any class. and after playing Tiberius's awesome The maimed gods saga. I decided to follow in his footsteps and exclude the other classes. TDM is now a paladin only mod.

why did I do this ?
well if I kept the original thinking of the 15 class paths I would never finish this mod. Kamal has been testing his mod since january and I fear I would probably use twice the time he has used since I am a complete toolset newb(and always will be).
the second thing is that I mostly only know how to play paladin and I am strugling a bit with making the other classes interesting. this lead to me finishing up the paladin quest first.and when I played the paladin and compared it to the spirit shaman quest (which is half done) I figured it was best to jsut leave those out.

at the same time I left the Race quests out and limited the player to be human only. this suits the world and me better with regards of the workload.

another reason was the flow of the paladin quests evolved around the guardian deity Aeos which has a prominent place in the main story (especialy at the level range 20+)

this means a lot of work and test time has been cut off and a release should come alot sooner than initially anticipated. now If I only could force myself to upload some music.
speaking of music I have gotten i touch with a vocalist that I hope to "hire" for some of the TDM score.

in other news I've compiled most of the story in their respective modules and I finished mod number 26 today. some restructuring will have to be done since some of the areas I made were class quest areas or race quest areas.

I am also working on implementing Kaedrins class pack to get some more paladin spells and implement them in the building so that the spells etc can be used from convos or other quest related stuff. Oh and If I get time befoer the testing starts I might beef the Paladin stronghold and its quests a little more (since I dont have all the other strongholds to worry about anymore) but time will tell as I am quite pleased with the current stronghold.

alot of the custom content I had hoped for has not been implemented but theres still a few guys hanging around this project , Thanks dark :D

thoug in spite of all the setback there I hope the mod will be jsut as interesting to play as if that content were included.

now , I'm off to spain for about two weeks so I guess I'll be pretty excited to get back to modding once I'm back home

Saturday, July 31, 2010

music and stuff

so its been a quiet few weeks more or less , started to go through the mod from start to end to tie up any loose ends I may have forgotten. and I've finally got a working portable studio of sorts to start on some real composing again. I've made some half decent tunes. nothing special just that regular orchestral cliche filled stuff. I ahve also been thinking about jsut starting to release the areas from the mod with a regular interval but I probably could use a second set of eyes to test the areas. so if people reading this wants to give some a go let me know :D

the comming week I'm going to focus more on getting the flow of the story telling a bit moe I founds some oversights in the recent check up. and probably add some more content to the forest OM which I discovered I more or less havent added any content to at all apart from the story related bits .

I ahve also added a fair amount of NPC's to the game jsut to fill some areas. and made a few specialized spawn/npc handling based on Amstradhero's dynamic population system.
nearly all of them pickpocketable. some with random reactions on what faction you ahve reputation with and or general reputation standing.

I may have talked about htis earlier but each village ahs its own reputation that you can use to get cheaper wares and special quests. there are alot of villages so theres a lot of stuff to keep track of which of course requires its own gui screen.

I'm not on my own computer at the moment so no screens this time maysbe I'll edit this post later today.

and again if someone wants to be an area tester I could use one to jsut get a second opnion before I releas on the vault.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

vacation time and quest's

********may contain spoilers********

so the time has come for me to take a vacation. nothing fancy. justa visit t my family up I'll be focusing on other stuff than modding.

but there have been a few rainy days lately so I have gotten a fair deal done. amonst them a lot of dungeon building. I have now nearly made all of the optional content for OM dungeons. and a few optional and hard dungeons based on class. not related to hte class quests but are there to add some "flavor" to the class choice , I a ranger hunting a wounded animal or follwing strange tracks may lead you to a well hidden cave. or as a rogue / bard overhear a some rumors about a old tower now buried in quicksand or similar. theese dungeons will have some interesting and unique gear available.

then I also have the random dungeons you may stumble acrosss. like ancient towers , old forts or jassa-ri outposts. which will have its own stories and events unfold. some even starts a few quest chains.some dungeons I've tried to add options on how you enter how you enter will have sm impact on what goes on. there is size differenses in some of the random optional stuff. some dungeons have several levels. the times you stumble across ancient dwarven fort's you may have to runn through some caves and mines first particulary there is one large dungoen of just that sort. that goes on for 4 layers. but the end reward and the story I believe will be a compelling reason. to finsh. also if you have dungeons that will have darklands events and dreamscape events. theese will be triggered if you have the apropriate feat and or/the azure star.

The azure star is probably worth mentioning. this is an Artefact which you get at the very beginning that scales with level/ spirit power this part of the main quests and this item cannot be removed. this item will have stats partly based on your class. the azure star will also be the key in unlocking spirit energy and and darkland related feats. the spirit shaman has a few interesting uses as well for the spirit energy system.

the spirit energy system is directly darkland related and can most of the time only be used in darklands. there are ways however to channel those powers into the prime plane but hey are unlocked as the main story goes on. I have balanced this system fairly well and I feel confident that I have made a system that does not interefere with my low magic policy.

Also in other news , Apep the maker of The magical miscelania pack, has completed the Item sets for TDM this is great new for me as I can start distribute them as loot for their respective dungeons. I also look forward to his v 1.5 realease of the MMP. this has been a great asset in my module as there are tons of interesting blueprints there.

right now I am assembling the dungeons into module structures and tried to keep module loading at a minimum. this has been hard as there are quite a few areas that needs connection.
so far I ahve made individual modulesfor the overland maps and their dungeons I have 10 om's i total including the continent of haedrin, the grand ciy of Aesir and the Jungles of the ancient tribes. The city OM is turning out quite nice though a bit heavy on the areas. so the single module load is high, thinking about splitting this again into a 2nd module.
I also have a module for the fishing quest , beer quest and a wine quest. each will eventually lead to a item revard and a nice addition for the stronghold.

about the strongholds. I have split the stronghold between the different classes:
-the divine classes will get a hidden church in the woods
-the druids,spirit shamans and rangers will get a forest grove.
-fighters and paladins will get a fort near the northern wall.
-sorcerors and wizards will get a Grand tower in the highlands.
-rogues will get their own hidden cave.
-bards get their own inn.
-swashbucklers will get their own "beached ship" home
-in addition every class have the option of becomming hte governor of the pirate island. if they play there cards right.
-warlocks wil lget a dungeon with summoning/binding circles.
-monks will get to restore a ancient monastery in the mountains.

the pirate island is also a hidden area which requires a few quests to be tied together first.
but the rewards , oh the rewards:D

the areas like the sorceror/wizard tower will act according to class, ie wizards tower will ahve more books scrolls and more wizard like. and sorceror more sorceror like
same with figters/pala fort paladins will have more religous undertone and events.
same for the druid spirit shaman , and ranger etc etc etc.
I wont go the nwn2 route of building etc but there will be desicions to make. and you will need to manage the troops/hunters/others in order to make your fort be able to handle the hindrances it will face. the way you treat your fort will have implications on the main story. this was a hell of a job and I will never ever do something like this ever again (well unless it would be cool to do so in another module.) there will be points in the story where you are called to the fort and you need to deal with incidents. just like BG2

back to the module setup. the classes will have their own mod with the quests areas. those mods are split into nature, divine , rogue and magic. as some areas overlap and there are some unique. this is to keep the mod count and load times as low as possible.

the encounters in the City OM is greatly influenced by what factions you work with and against. some random encounters wont be combat but rather random story elements or plain unique sights/ humorus encounters.

there will be a lot of factions to keep track of. as each city you travel to is more or less a self governing "city state" with lords that have their own agende, htat does not include the newborn empire of Aesir. which more ore less consists of Aesir itself and a few more cities/villages.

thos cities not affiliated directly to aesir will have their own faction and reputation attatched to them. so choose your friends wisely or find your self at the wrong side of a drawn sword.
there is a few quests that will alow you to go deep into the political intrigues.

Combat is something I have given a lot of thought after playing a few community mods I've drawn sme inspiration from some of them. I am particularly as I probably mentioned before inspired my J.E Mckellar's Last of the danaan. the encoutners especially boss battles will require some thinking in order to survive. some encounters will have invulnerable foes , like when you are trapped in a cave with a spellhunter. the spell hunter cannot be killed by you , but it is injured and will aply hit and run tactics to bring you down. the caves are dark and the spellhunters are hard to spot. you will have to run through the caves loking for a way to kill it before it kills you. there are several ways to end him depending on class skill checks etc.
some bosses requires you to split your party in order to do some stuff simultaneously or at different locations.

Puzzles there will be some puzzles and riddles since this is something of a love /hate thing I have some medium easy ones in the main story and some really hard optional ones , once again effort equals the reward ;) .

the Skyships probably will be heeds walkable ships for now. though I still need to raise the skeleton for overland travel or find another way of making hte skyships seem "real".
the skyships will ahve combat options in a spelljammerish way.

this post is probably a large wall of text that very very few will read if at all. though I hope if someone reads this that I've managed to get some interest in this mod. especially since I hope to crank out some stuff soon.

I've also managed to crank out a few more songs for the soundtrack. and soon I have the complete sound library available to me again (before the weekend actually) so I might upload some more songs to the vault.

the mod will end up being a huge story driven campaign with sandbox options. you will have a lot of options to travel along and explore as you go deeper into the main story which will remain somewhat dominant.there will be paralell stories being told along with the main and alot of branches from it that will have its own end. this is so you can choose to avoid a lot of quests if you replay it or just want to see the story to an end.


Leyla: human rogue, starting companion. a trusted friend through your childhood that joins you on the adventure. she smarter than the average villager and does well in anything she tries to do. she always thinks things through and is rarely ever without a plan b.
she is notoriusly restless and impatient. she always has something in her hands like a coin or something similar to keep her hands busy.

Joshua: Human, Fighter. Starting companion the other part of hte trio that makes you ,leyla and joshua. Joshuea is the village Blacksmith aprentice. his unusually large frame coupled with his stamina and strength makes him more able for the more labourous work. he wants to live a simple life as a farmer one day. he is immensly loyal and and unlike leyla follows every law to the letter. his most prominent features apart from his large size is loyatly and sense of justice.

Hrotgar, the White.Minotaur Ranger, 2 weapon fighting style. An albino minotaur of the Zathrum tribe. Hrothgar is a kind minotaur with a rather "rough" sense of humor. he may or may not have a growing addiction to a certain mushrom. he is on his Maruk-gel. this is a initiatiion rite for young minotaurs to join the society as a warrior. they are to find a prey or a evil that needs to die and embark on a journey to slay it. he is very secretive about what exaclty he is looking for only that he will know it when he sees it.

Galina the cursed. Gnome warlock. Galina is a tormented warlock that does not what or why she has the powers she has. she has nightmares and sometimes she has blackouts that usually leave her in a burned down village with small hills of distubingly twisted corpses. she is a recluse and rarey speaks to people , she tries to avoid people and populated areas. the past events have filled her with guilt and she wants to take her own life. however each time she tries to end her own existance she has a blackout.

Murin StoneHammer.Dwarf, cleric. a Cast out King of a long forgotten dwarven clan hiding from the demon's gaze. a revolt as a result of a few bad years after burrowing into a pocket of lava led to him being exiled. he was blamed for the the entire incident and cast out. since dwarven laws forbid the killing of another they chose a more indirect aproach. he has since wandered the mountains trying to prove his innosence. dealing with some friends still on the inside of the dwarven halls he strives to prove that he was sabotaged. he is like most dwarves a bit grumpy but immensely loyal to friends. and will go to great lenghs to protect what he cares about.

Salem: Halfling, Paladin. after seing his clan killed he swears an oath to cleanse the world of evil. his devotion so strong it thundered across the planes. he was given the gift of Aeos as the first paladin in the world. unless the player has chosen that class/fate. he is silent most of hte time and only speaks when he have to. sometimes he may give into his anger. in order to become a full fledged paladin he must prove to Aeos that he can controll it. he sees a potential in you to be able to fullfill that quest.

Gorak:"earth genasi" Druid. thousands of year ago he was fleeing for a jassa-ri hunting pack hding into the stone wall of a cave near theym. the jassa ri camped in that cave and to avoid being discovered he hibernated into the stone. in present day he has slumbered so long he has forgotten alot of his skills and lost much of his memory. he rembers his tribe and that he was on a important mission to the capital. to meet with the ruling council there. he joins you in hopes rediscovering more about himself.

well I guess this will ahve to do for today :)
this has been an amazingly fun project and incredibly time consuming.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

summer summer summer.

I'm guessing this year will be no different from last year. the good weather drawing me from the toolset work. which might be a good thing. since the rainy days were really creative and inspiring :)

so what I have done now is finished of the OM areas random encounters for each of the 8 sections of the main map and conected the cities. travel will be done by either overland travel or if you wish to save time. caravan travel where a given percentage will be set to trigger a random Encounter. you can join as either a paid Caravan guard or as passenger. the encounters will vary slightly depending on what you choose to be. there will also be ship travels to and from the cities with harbor's.There will be ship battles. and finally when the players discovers the airship. you can fly all over OM. the Area enter script detects if the players travel on the airship. and despawns the colision blockers so the airship can fly anywhere. unless hit a dragon or something else entirely. I have also started connecting the other areas for the main story and tied them to the OM.
Now I gotta finish the Aesir OM and the jungle OM and I should have a month or so to connect areas. Other than that I am hoping to eventually get some more dungeons ready. for the OM random encounters. but now I have spendt some time on the computer, so I gotta head out into the sun once more.

oh and I'll add theese screens

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

OM's are done

The overland maps are almost done now. and I'll be starting the tedious task of connecting the areas to the 8 interconnected overland areas. after that I'll be adding the triggers and setting the encounter ratio. since the overland maps are so "large" I find that the encounter ration in SOZ will jsut be silly. there is also a lot of elevation in my OM and tons of "off the beaten path" areas to find.
then I'll start on the 2 final maps Aesir and the jungle OM. MAking a city OM is something I really look forward to. I hope to be able to make a few interesting encounters :)
Aesir is a large city located on the cliffside, facing the ocean. there is a steady climb from the lower areas like the slums and commons at the lower parts, to the merchant and arena district in the middle and the Temple and Imperial palace areas at the upermost peak looking outwards to the ocean. I hope to make a decent sense of scale when running around the OM and that will be a challenge. to properly combine the scale needed while keeping the map efficient and not to much of a resource hog.

so I've been helping out on a PW (Alventyr)as well. making a 4 part city and a grave yard. as well as lending areas from TDM to Alventyr. I'm rather satisfied with what I've made so far and I hope to have finished them off by the weekend so I can start doing TDM stuff again.
the next thing on my to do list after finishing off the last 2 OM's is shaking loose some of my dungeons and tweak them a bit. that I think will be fun. I could also use anoter generic dungeon or two to tweak so if anyone has any they are willing to share or know of something on the vault I should check out let me know.

Iguess I should show some screens of what I've been doing lately so here they are.

I could not fir everything into one post so for the complete galery go here :

scroll all the way down for the latest screens on the 3rd link.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

some work in progress screenshotes.

here are some work in progress screenshots of the Overland maps I have talked about.
theese areas are nearing completion and ready to be connected to the previous TDM areas.
and after that I'll be filling out sidequests. and coloring up some NPC's and the mod will be playable again for the first time in 8 months ? , at any rate a long time.

mind you that theese screens are work in progress so not all texturing is completed but the general shape of hte stuff should be there. this is one of 9 connected overland maps you can run through I hope to eventually get the areas youtubed when they are done. then I'll upload all 10'ish overland maps with the "encounter" areas or battle areas. they will on release be completely scripted and playable if you fancy that.

NB : Work IN PRogress screens , theese screens are not representative of the end result.
I still ahve a lot of texturing and coloring to do and the grass will be replaced.

The screen above,shows the side of a OM that I havent copied the material from the other OM's
the om's will work pretty much and be as seemless as the areas from "the Last of the Danaan" which is a great ranger mod btw and heartly recomended.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Overland Map's

I've now started the interesting building of the overland maps.
once theese are done I'll connect the different areas and have a playable mod again.

Ive done a lot of work redoing some early conversations (taking out Faerun references adding animations to cutscenes etc)
and I have started to compile a definate lit of whats needed. I've also sucessfully added books into the mod. I have a dedicated writer writing short stories for The demon melody. theese have turned out great so far.

another thing I am I encountered was the original journal system's shortcommings when dealing with a large amount of quests. And a large amount of quest's at the same time. SO I have gotten Dark/Darksider to make a custom one for me. I had to find another way to od the quests as the original system wasn't able to handle the amount of quests I have in TDM.

Now to some more important stuff. the layout of the encounters.
I've always felt that the standard spawn 4 monsters of type x and kill. it also isn't coherent with what the dungeons in the mod are all about. Every single dungeon have its own place and history in the lore. this is to make the individual places somewhat unique so you do not get that oblivion feeling of "having "been here before". Also what you do before you enter a dungeon may in certain cases lead to the dungeon being harder or easier. this will be based on skill check and/or conversation options. This may be making sucessful skill checks to get inside a dungeon (and the word dungeon is used loosely) without being seen or heard, to to be able to surprise the the inhabitants of the dungeon. making dungeons slightly different depending on how you enter the dungeon. My intention was to make this as lifelike as possible.
another thing is the encounters when you enter there will be more to the fights than just casting the spell or swinging hte sword , you may end up having to chase a particular enemy to stop him from alerting others. Or perhaps activating a doomsday device.

There will also be scaling of the enemies you meet. but only to a certain degree. this to avoid having a lvl 30 kobold as I feel a kobold with end boss hit points is kinda silly. so I have categorized the various level ranges and scaled the the enemies according to category so that the said kobold can never go beyond lvl4 for instance.

another thing is that you can come a cross dungeons thats intended for lvl25+ at lvl 4. you can also run around the entire set of overland maps but you have companions that will give you a tip or two if you stray into high level land. same goes for quests if you should get lost in the myriad.
of them.

now I ahve never talked much about how the mod will be like. originally it was a linear monster now its more like a sandbox adventure. the originall career's are still in the mod and still optional.
as well as a added new career. Bounty hunter. you can get bounties from various wanted posters and bounty hunter offices. when you travel the world you may stumble upon them in random Overland encounters or dungeons. this leads to a reputation gain to the bounty hunters. but if that reputation gets high enough ......well ...lets keep that a secret :)

now I guess I have written enough for this time. I still got more to write but thats for another time.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Work work

I'm slowly settling into my new life and gotten some work on the mod. mainly some conversation proofreading and bug fixing. After easter I'll finally get hold of the disk with Demon melody on it.
then I plan on releasing a few more screenshots of a few more areas and start the final work on the Overland map and the final cutscenes and music. then I do believe I should have a release on my hands. oh and trying out a machinima intro thing. though thats probably done while the eternal play testing is going on. I have updated the features list many times and this probably wont be the last.

-Skill use galore. every skill is usable in one way or the other. use perform to escape guards and more
-Custom world, complete with gods and a lot of lore. and much of it will only be learned if the player
-hundreds of areas
-overland map , several overland maps one for each region and a overland map for Aesir the largest city. the city feels immense.
-Large scale battles. huge battles some use the nytir system some are custom scripted with a few special events planned.
-custom soundtrack, and effects, some voice over.
-Choices you take have concequences for the world you live in.
-unique quests chains for each class.
-unique Race quests. after you leave the first areas the choice of race will greatly impact how you will view the world. racism is a fact and being a dwarf or elf might not always be as easy. then again being a dwarf comming to the Iron cities of your kinsmen will surely make a impact (i hope) again the differences in race choice is huge.
-tons of sidequests , become a master fisherman, or perhaps a bounty hunter. even a master trader or politician is withing your reach
- gain control of a sky ship and travel the world
-gain control of a player owned building.(varies with class and race)
-linear story with sandboxing options
-depending on playstyle, estimating about 60 hour play.
-deep companion stories
-the companions interact with eachother. developing their own bonds some of them influenced by the player.
-immersive dungeons with their own story and sidequest's both story related and sandbox dungeons will feature some uniqueness to what happened.
-Darklands, a world that connects to the material world. this world has many secrets
as well as a place where you can view the past, cross material world hindrances and much more.

I will edit this post with more features as I remember them all.

this may seem a bit too ambitious , but its mostly there and done. the mod currently have more than 400 000 written words ( roughly estimated, and not done yet) more than 400ish areas (I lost count) going over more than 13+ modules(not including overland maps).

there is still a bunch of stuff I need help with so if you have some toolset skill let me know by email

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Music, bugs and postponing the release a bit.

jsut in with a update. moving to a new place goes slower than I first anticipated (people without sense of time should never ever be alowed to predict it) and I will probably use a month longer than I initially thought. but theres not much left to do before the release. luckily

So I have made some songs for the OST , a few battle themes, a few character themes. and still working on the orchestration for the Theym theme. and the theym outskirts theme. got a real hefty song to go with the RWS Dark ruins Tileset.
also in the works are the voice overs for the intro of the mod. I just gotta revise the manuscript a little.

so I have been testign and making some music. testing the mod 20 times through to make sure nothing has fallen through is a lot of work. but I am getting there. though slowly.

so far I am quite satisfied with the results and getting specially tailored music into the mod makes a lot of difference. firstly its new and secondly does so much more for the atmosphere.
There are going to be a few vocal tracks playing. using the various languages, including Gaelic, Irish and Manx. I also hit gold and found a few sanskrit chants which made some dungeons scary.

Further more I am quite pleased with how the class and race quests ended up.
there is one for each of the 15 Base classes and you will be introduced to them fairly early in the game. this were cumbersome to make and horrid to test. add to that the Race quests.
Humans, Elves, Halflings , gnomes and Dwarves ahve their unique quest and perspective of the world. they may start out from the same orphanage. But their experiences in the world will vary a bit for each race. This means there are no Half orcs , yuan-ti ,grey orcs ,tieflings for the players. I may end up supporting more races in the future however.

As for the module itself I will release the first part in a while once the music is done and I have made sure the 20 class/race quests are working properly, along with some bug testing.
the first part should keep people at bay for 4-6 hours depending on choices. its the smallest mod of 12+(may increase with the overland maps thats not yet completed)
its a large download , which is why I am making the 1st mod available separately so people can decide to download the rest. Bear in mind that the first reelase is a open beta version

After the release of the beta I will start collecting feedback and try to steer the mod in a direction that will make it more enjoyable.
Then the work with the Overland map will start I already have had soem greathelp from Kamalpoe, and believe I can make the overland map interesting.

I ahve always liked to explore and learn stuff about the world I play in as well as learning stories , sagas and myths. and most of all dungeon exploring, thanks to games like morrowind, oblivion and Fallout 3.
The demon melody will feature a vast world to explore. the lands are full of ruins to explore. and each of the ruins have its own story to tell and its own place in history. you will learn more about the world you live in by exploring them. and of course there are hidden treasures lost to time in most of them. Some of the dungeons can only be found by exploring memories in the darklands.

this brings me to the darklands. you will be able to frequent the Darklands during events and rifts or by another way I cannot reveal due to spoilers. As I have deskribed the darklands before
"take Shadow Mulsantir, add a dream, a wee bit of limbo and put on repeat" Darkland memories are a great way of getting to know the events of the past. I hope this to be a feature people like.

so items , what can I say there , low magic , trying to make stats to not break buffs so no +12 doomsword of mayhem. instead I ahve opted for customscripted items. some scale with skills/level , others may be part of a set granting bonus feats/abilities and so on. some items may be cursed and some items so cursed that you need to start a separate quest to rid yourself of it. so save often :)

That brings me to skills, I love using skills even though it makes a conversation a lot more complex and larger than if not using all those skill cheks. I ahve also distinguished the use of skills that change the outcome to not so much include the main quest. but the other ones may end up quite different depending on skill. pretty much every skill is used. an example being crafting skills to make small gadgets that can get you out of certain situations. performance to get away from guards wanting to drag you to jail. and so on.

so that leaves me to comment on the companions. there will be several with a complete backstory and a quest. and yes there are romancable characters, theres even cusom made music for the events that follow should you want to go down that route. the companions will react to situations and events as per their personality. this may lead to some interesting stuff happening within the group you have. I am pretty satisfied with the companions some are rather unique.

now this mod has been a lot of work and there will be alot more. but I am confident that I will haul this monster to the vault before WW3. I am well aware that some of my design choices will make some people not want to play it. but I hope this mod will apeal to some.
the New TDM is a lot more sandbox oriented than the original one was. and thats a good thing.

if there are any comments or questions about the mod give me a message I apriciate any input
or help offers:) (especially from 2d artists and a 3d artist to make me some skyships)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

bugs, bugs, bugs, testing, bugs, screenshots

Its getting close now for the first release. got a ton to test and alot more to bug fix.
lately I have been struggling a bit with hte area enter scripts on some of my areas which are starting to be quite the complex beasts. this mainly due to me adding hte 15 class quests. alot of work has gone into them. hopefully they will be enjoyable. I forgot to add some items related to the class quests but I'll have them up and running in no time.

so whats left ?

-bug fixes , the Area enter scripts needs a look into , a lot is going on there. forgot to add teh area exit scripts to destroy stuff thats not needed.
-a few items I forgot to make the blueprints scripts for.
-testing of the scalable items.
-deities .2da
-the music(still lack a battle theme but started one last night.) pretty satisfied with this part.

all in all it goes with a steady pace and I feel I am getting closer each day.
and now by popular demand some screens taken from the toolset not in game.