Monday, January 11, 2010

progress report

been working a lot on the demo the past few days and I am starting to see the end and finalization of chapter one.

Chapter one will be the introduction to the world of haedrin. where you get familiar with some sub plots and main plot. most quests are complete and I have managed to transfer the entire first part into the new world from the FR setting.

the first part will serve as a demo/first chapter part. I'm gonna look into how I'll do the releases after the world map is done. maybe I'll continue to release in chapters. who knows I've given up on predicting theese things.

so whats left before the first release.
-some scripting, including 2 boss fights and. not many original scripts were bugged.
-more work on a few cutscenes.(possibly testing the new voice over tool from 010101something).
-some polish on the the areas.
-spell/grammar check :)
-if possible 2d art for the intro (though I think it will be cool either way).
-Testing, this will be offered to the people at the first time around.
-going to add more conversation options to certain convo's , skill check galore.
-and lastly finish the soundtrack.

and with the time available to me I guesstimate mid to late february for the end release.
though that may vary as I am still a bit in limbo with my house and a job.

and should there be a gifted scripter / 2d artist floating around the web with to much time. give me a poke. I could use some help.