Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Music, bugs and postponing the release a bit.

jsut in with a update. moving to a new place goes slower than I first anticipated (people without sense of time should never ever be alowed to predict it) and I will probably use a month longer than I initially thought. but theres not much left to do before the release. luckily

So I have made some songs for the OST , a few battle themes, a few character themes. and still working on the orchestration for the Theym theme. and the theym outskirts theme. got a real hefty song to go with the RWS Dark ruins Tileset.
also in the works are the voice overs for the intro of the mod. I just gotta revise the manuscript a little.

so I have been testign and making some music. testing the mod 20 times through to make sure nothing has fallen through is a lot of work. but I am getting there. though slowly.

so far I am quite satisfied with the results and getting specially tailored music into the mod makes a lot of difference. firstly its new and secondly does so much more for the atmosphere.
There are going to be a few vocal tracks playing. using the various languages, including Gaelic, Irish and Manx. I also hit gold and found a few sanskrit chants which made some dungeons scary.

Further more I am quite pleased with how the class and race quests ended up.
there is one for each of the 15 Base classes and you will be introduced to them fairly early in the game. this were cumbersome to make and horrid to test. add to that the Race quests.
Humans, Elves, Halflings , gnomes and Dwarves ahve their unique quest and perspective of the world. they may start out from the same orphanage. But their experiences in the world will vary a bit for each race. This means there are no Half orcs , yuan-ti ,grey orcs ,tieflings for the players. I may end up supporting more races in the future however.

As for the module itself I will release the first part in a while once the music is done and I have made sure the 20 class/race quests are working properly, along with some bug testing.
the first part should keep people at bay for 4-6 hours depending on choices. its the smallest mod of 12+(may increase with the overland maps thats not yet completed)
its a large download , which is why I am making the 1st mod available separately so people can decide to download the rest. Bear in mind that the first reelase is a open beta version

After the release of the beta I will start collecting feedback and try to steer the mod in a direction that will make it more enjoyable.
Then the work with the Overland map will start I already have had soem greathelp from Kamalpoe, and believe I can make the overland map interesting.

I ahve always liked to explore and learn stuff about the world I play in as well as learning stories , sagas and myths. and most of all dungeon exploring, thanks to games like morrowind, oblivion and Fallout 3.
The demon melody will feature a vast world to explore. the lands are full of ruins to explore. and each of the ruins have its own story to tell and its own place in history. you will learn more about the world you live in by exploring them. and of course there are hidden treasures lost to time in most of them. Some of the dungeons can only be found by exploring memories in the darklands.

this brings me to the darklands. you will be able to frequent the Darklands during events and rifts or by another way I cannot reveal due to spoilers. As I have deskribed the darklands before
"take Shadow Mulsantir, add a dream, a wee bit of limbo and put on repeat" Darkland memories are a great way of getting to know the events of the past. I hope this to be a feature people like.

so items , what can I say there , low magic , trying to make stats to not break buffs so no +12 doomsword of mayhem. instead I ahve opted for customscripted items. some scale with skills/level , others may be part of a set granting bonus feats/abilities and so on. some items may be cursed and some items so cursed that you need to start a separate quest to rid yourself of it. so save often :)

That brings me to skills, I love using skills even though it makes a conversation a lot more complex and larger than if not using all those skill cheks. I ahve also distinguished the use of skills that change the outcome to not so much include the main quest. but the other ones may end up quite different depending on skill. pretty much every skill is used. an example being crafting skills to make small gadgets that can get you out of certain situations. performance to get away from guards wanting to drag you to jail. and so on.

so that leaves me to comment on the companions. there will be several with a complete backstory and a quest. and yes there are romancable characters, theres even cusom made music for the events that follow should you want to go down that route. the companions will react to situations and events as per their personality. this may lead to some interesting stuff happening within the group you have. I am pretty satisfied with the companions some are rather unique.

now this mod has been a lot of work and there will be alot more. but I am confident that I will haul this monster to the vault before WW3. I am well aware that some of my design choices will make some people not want to play it. but I hope this mod will apeal to some.
the New TDM is a lot more sandbox oriented than the original one was. and thats a good thing.

if there are any comments or questions about the mod give me a message I apriciate any input
or help offers:) (especially from 2d artists and a 3d artist to make me some skyships)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

bugs, bugs, bugs, testing, bugs, screenshots

Its getting close now for the first release. got a ton to test and alot more to bug fix.
lately I have been struggling a bit with hte area enter scripts on some of my areas which are starting to be quite the complex beasts. this mainly due to me adding hte 15 class quests. alot of work has gone into them. hopefully they will be enjoyable. I forgot to add some items related to the class quests but I'll have them up and running in no time.

so whats left ?

-bug fixes , the Area enter scripts needs a look into , a lot is going on there. forgot to add teh area exit scripts to destroy stuff thats not needed.
-a few items I forgot to make the blueprints scripts for.
-testing of the scalable items.
-deities .2da
-the music(still lack a battle theme but started one last night.) pretty satisfied with this part.

all in all it goes with a steady pace and I feel I am getting closer each day.
and now by popular demand some screens taken from the toolset not in game.