Friday, March 19, 2010

Work work

I'm slowly settling into my new life and gotten some work on the mod. mainly some conversation proofreading and bug fixing. After easter I'll finally get hold of the disk with Demon melody on it.
then I plan on releasing a few more screenshots of a few more areas and start the final work on the Overland map and the final cutscenes and music. then I do believe I should have a release on my hands. oh and trying out a machinima intro thing. though thats probably done while the eternal play testing is going on. I have updated the features list many times and this probably wont be the last.

-Skill use galore. every skill is usable in one way or the other. use perform to escape guards and more
-Custom world, complete with gods and a lot of lore. and much of it will only be learned if the player
-hundreds of areas
-overland map , several overland maps one for each region and a overland map for Aesir the largest city. the city feels immense.
-Large scale battles. huge battles some use the nytir system some are custom scripted with a few special events planned.
-custom soundtrack, and effects, some voice over.
-Choices you take have concequences for the world you live in.
-unique quests chains for each class.
-unique Race quests. after you leave the first areas the choice of race will greatly impact how you will view the world. racism is a fact and being a dwarf or elf might not always be as easy. then again being a dwarf comming to the Iron cities of your kinsmen will surely make a impact (i hope) again the differences in race choice is huge.
-tons of sidequests , become a master fisherman, or perhaps a bounty hunter. even a master trader or politician is withing your reach
- gain control of a sky ship and travel the world
-gain control of a player owned building.(varies with class and race)
-linear story with sandboxing options
-depending on playstyle, estimating about 60 hour play.
-deep companion stories
-the companions interact with eachother. developing their own bonds some of them influenced by the player.
-immersive dungeons with their own story and sidequest's both story related and sandbox dungeons will feature some uniqueness to what happened.
-Darklands, a world that connects to the material world. this world has many secrets
as well as a place where you can view the past, cross material world hindrances and much more.

I will edit this post with more features as I remember them all.

this may seem a bit too ambitious , but its mostly there and done. the mod currently have more than 400 000 written words ( roughly estimated, and not done yet) more than 400ish areas (I lost count) going over more than 13+ modules(not including overland maps).

there is still a bunch of stuff I need help with so if you have some toolset skill let me know by email