Wednesday, April 28, 2010

OM's are done

The overland maps are almost done now. and I'll be starting the tedious task of connecting the areas to the 8 interconnected overland areas. after that I'll be adding the triggers and setting the encounter ratio. since the overland maps are so "large" I find that the encounter ration in SOZ will jsut be silly. there is also a lot of elevation in my OM and tons of "off the beaten path" areas to find.
then I'll start on the 2 final maps Aesir and the jungle OM. MAking a city OM is something I really look forward to. I hope to be able to make a few interesting encounters :)
Aesir is a large city located on the cliffside, facing the ocean. there is a steady climb from the lower areas like the slums and commons at the lower parts, to the merchant and arena district in the middle and the Temple and Imperial palace areas at the upermost peak looking outwards to the ocean. I hope to make a decent sense of scale when running around the OM and that will be a challenge. to properly combine the scale needed while keeping the map efficient and not to much of a resource hog.

so I've been helping out on a PW (Alventyr)as well. making a 4 part city and a grave yard. as well as lending areas from TDM to Alventyr. I'm rather satisfied with what I've made so far and I hope to have finished them off by the weekend so I can start doing TDM stuff again.
the next thing on my to do list after finishing off the last 2 OM's is shaking loose some of my dungeons and tweak them a bit. that I think will be fun. I could also use anoter generic dungeon or two to tweak so if anyone has any they are willing to share or know of something on the vault I should check out let me know.

Iguess I should show some screens of what I've been doing lately so here they are.

I could not fir everything into one post so for the complete galery go here :

scroll all the way down for the latest screens on the 3rd link.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

some work in progress screenshotes.

here are some work in progress screenshots of the Overland maps I have talked about.
theese areas are nearing completion and ready to be connected to the previous TDM areas.
and after that I'll be filling out sidequests. and coloring up some NPC's and the mod will be playable again for the first time in 8 months ? , at any rate a long time.

mind you that theese screens are work in progress so not all texturing is completed but the general shape of hte stuff should be there. this is one of 9 connected overland maps you can run through I hope to eventually get the areas youtubed when they are done. then I'll upload all 10'ish overland maps with the "encounter" areas or battle areas. they will on release be completely scripted and playable if you fancy that.

NB : Work IN PRogress screens , theese screens are not representative of the end result.
I still ahve a lot of texturing and coloring to do and the grass will be replaced.

The screen above,shows the side of a OM that I havent copied the material from the other OM's
the om's will work pretty much and be as seemless as the areas from "the Last of the Danaan" which is a great ranger mod btw and heartly recomended.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Overland Map's

I've now started the interesting building of the overland maps.
once theese are done I'll connect the different areas and have a playable mod again.

Ive done a lot of work redoing some early conversations (taking out Faerun references adding animations to cutscenes etc)
and I have started to compile a definate lit of whats needed. I've also sucessfully added books into the mod. I have a dedicated writer writing short stories for The demon melody. theese have turned out great so far.

another thing I am I encountered was the original journal system's shortcommings when dealing with a large amount of quests. And a large amount of quest's at the same time. SO I have gotten Dark/Darksider to make a custom one for me. I had to find another way to od the quests as the original system wasn't able to handle the amount of quests I have in TDM.

Now to some more important stuff. the layout of the encounters.
I've always felt that the standard spawn 4 monsters of type x and kill. it also isn't coherent with what the dungeons in the mod are all about. Every single dungeon have its own place and history in the lore. this is to make the individual places somewhat unique so you do not get that oblivion feeling of "having "been here before". Also what you do before you enter a dungeon may in certain cases lead to the dungeon being harder or easier. this will be based on skill check and/or conversation options. This may be making sucessful skill checks to get inside a dungeon (and the word dungeon is used loosely) without being seen or heard, to to be able to surprise the the inhabitants of the dungeon. making dungeons slightly different depending on how you enter the dungeon. My intention was to make this as lifelike as possible.
another thing is the encounters when you enter there will be more to the fights than just casting the spell or swinging hte sword , you may end up having to chase a particular enemy to stop him from alerting others. Or perhaps activating a doomsday device.

There will also be scaling of the enemies you meet. but only to a certain degree. this to avoid having a lvl 30 kobold as I feel a kobold with end boss hit points is kinda silly. so I have categorized the various level ranges and scaled the the enemies according to category so that the said kobold can never go beyond lvl4 for instance.

another thing is that you can come a cross dungeons thats intended for lvl25+ at lvl 4. you can also run around the entire set of overland maps but you have companions that will give you a tip or two if you stray into high level land. same goes for quests if you should get lost in the myriad.
of them.

now I ahve never talked much about how the mod will be like. originally it was a linear monster now its more like a sandbox adventure. the originall career's are still in the mod and still optional.
as well as a added new career. Bounty hunter. you can get bounties from various wanted posters and bounty hunter offices. when you travel the world you may stumble upon them in random Overland encounters or dungeons. this leads to a reputation gain to the bounty hunters. but if that reputation gets high enough ......well ...lets keep that a secret :)

now I guess I have written enough for this time. I still got more to write but thats for another time.