Wednesday, May 19, 2010

summer summer summer.

I'm guessing this year will be no different from last year. the good weather drawing me from the toolset work. which might be a good thing. since the rainy days were really creative and inspiring :)

so what I have done now is finished of the OM areas random encounters for each of the 8 sections of the main map and conected the cities. travel will be done by either overland travel or if you wish to save time. caravan travel where a given percentage will be set to trigger a random Encounter. you can join as either a paid Caravan guard or as passenger. the encounters will vary slightly depending on what you choose to be. there will also be ship travels to and from the cities with harbor's.There will be ship battles. and finally when the players discovers the airship. you can fly all over OM. the Area enter script detects if the players travel on the airship. and despawns the colision blockers so the airship can fly anywhere. unless hit a dragon or something else entirely. I have also started connecting the other areas for the main story and tied them to the OM.
Now I gotta finish the Aesir OM and the jungle OM and I should have a month or so to connect areas. Other than that I am hoping to eventually get some more dungeons ready. for the OM random encounters. but now I have spendt some time on the computer, so I gotta head out into the sun once more.

oh and I'll add theese screens