Saturday, July 31, 2010

music and stuff

so its been a quiet few weeks more or less , started to go through the mod from start to end to tie up any loose ends I may have forgotten. and I've finally got a working portable studio of sorts to start on some real composing again. I've made some half decent tunes. nothing special just that regular orchestral cliche filled stuff. I ahve also been thinking about jsut starting to release the areas from the mod with a regular interval but I probably could use a second set of eyes to test the areas. so if people reading this wants to give some a go let me know :D

the comming week I'm going to focus more on getting the flow of the story telling a bit moe I founds some oversights in the recent check up. and probably add some more content to the forest OM which I discovered I more or less havent added any content to at all apart from the story related bits .

I ahve also added a fair amount of NPC's to the game jsut to fill some areas. and made a few specialized spawn/npc handling based on Amstradhero's dynamic population system.
nearly all of them pickpocketable. some with random reactions on what faction you ahve reputation with and or general reputation standing.

I may have talked about htis earlier but each village ahs its own reputation that you can use to get cheaper wares and special quests. there are alot of villages so theres a lot of stuff to keep track of which of course requires its own gui screen.

I'm not on my own computer at the moment so no screens this time maysbe I'll edit this post later today.

and again if someone wants to be an area tester I could use one to jsut get a second opnion before I releas on the vault.