Monday, August 23, 2010

Another dramatic change.

I was playing the mod last week as a paladin roaming about a few areas and seeing the mod in game. and I realize that having 15 class paths is jsut to much work I ahve more or less finished the paladin quest and the mods overall theme and play style suits paladin better than any class. and after playing Tiberius's awesome The maimed gods saga. I decided to follow in his footsteps and exclude the other classes. TDM is now a paladin only mod.

why did I do this ?
well if I kept the original thinking of the 15 class paths I would never finish this mod. Kamal has been testing his mod since january and I fear I would probably use twice the time he has used since I am a complete toolset newb(and always will be).
the second thing is that I mostly only know how to play paladin and I am strugling a bit with making the other classes interesting. this lead to me finishing up the paladin quest first.and when I played the paladin and compared it to the spirit shaman quest (which is half done) I figured it was best to jsut leave those out.

at the same time I left the Race quests out and limited the player to be human only. this suits the world and me better with regards of the workload.

another reason was the flow of the paladin quests evolved around the guardian deity Aeos which has a prominent place in the main story (especialy at the level range 20+)

this means a lot of work and test time has been cut off and a release should come alot sooner than initially anticipated. now If I only could force myself to upload some music.
speaking of music I have gotten i touch with a vocalist that I hope to "hire" for some of the TDM score.

in other news I've compiled most of the story in their respective modules and I finished mod number 26 today. some restructuring will have to be done since some of the areas I made were class quest areas or race quest areas.

I am also working on implementing Kaedrins class pack to get some more paladin spells and implement them in the building so that the spells etc can be used from convos or other quest related stuff. Oh and If I get time befoer the testing starts I might beef the Paladin stronghold and its quests a little more (since I dont have all the other strongholds to worry about anymore) but time will tell as I am quite pleased with the current stronghold.

alot of the custom content I had hoped for has not been implemented but theres still a few guys hanging around this project , Thanks dark :D

thoug in spite of all the setback there I hope the mod will be jsut as interesting to play as if that content were included.

now , I'm off to spain for about two weeks so I guess I'll be pretty excited to get back to modding once I'm back home