Sunday, September 19, 2010

Moving to a new apartment.

I just got a new apartment I'm moving htere in 2 weeks time so needless to say the comming month might get a little amputated. The only thing that gets priority is an area I am making for Lance botelle over at I'm hoping to get it done next week (initially this week but everything suddenly turned upside down with the new apartment)

so what have I been doing mod wise ?

well I have continued figuring out what to keep , what to add and what to change/remove.
so far it has gone well. I rewrote the beginnig of the mod as aparently it was too dark and evil for some real life friends that played it. however I managed them to get really upset about some of the "evilish" characters thaat I included. one of the two that played compared the hate she had for the academy headmaster to that of the nurse in "one flew over the cookoos nest"with jack nicholson. I hope other potential players will have similar experiences then I'm a happy salmon.

I also encountered a few OM bugs. sometimes the spawned encounters would not despawn or stop chasing the players. this is probably me forgetting some scripts in the blueprints but a bug I'll save for later. also sometimes up to 3 instances of the same encounter would spawn at the same time.

additionally I have restarted playing the mod now adding Kaedrins prc pack which will be a requirement to play the mod. the additional classes makes for some awesome encounter tweaks for me. and I do love tweaking encounters :) my paladin is now level 4 and jsut started on the OM stuff.

the party limitations is at the writing moment 4 (3+PC) there should be 2 companions at the camp at all times (you can place the camp on safe spots on the OM )there are some companions that are non-human and will make cause a grand stirr up if the walk around the streets without disguise. theese can be left to guard the camp when you need to enter a city.(tere must be 2 in the camp at all times) you can find disguises for the non human companions.

the to do list as I see it now the next month or two(depending on ho long it takes me to settle into the new apartment.

finish of the last conversations in the begining of the mod. then take a look at revising the gnome race quest to the paladin flavor. can you stop the gnome robot uprising ? :O

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Some streamlining thoughts

After deciding to make TDM a 100% paladin mod some thoughts surfaced.
the paladins does not have the greatest of skill selection. this is something I have considered to do something about. apart from having the companions/henchmen bring out their opinions and know how at certain points of the story. I have been working hard on the companions making them feel like a part of the team and making them as believable as I can. to me building a team feeling is paramount. still some work to go there but I'm getting there.

next is character customization and roleplay options. I'm stil streamlining Player responses tweaking them into betterness (because perfection is such a ugly word.)

now I have focused on different types of responses an I'll try to the best of my abilities to keep them. a lot of the already written responses will be kept. But I feel I have to rewrite some, to give them more of a "paladin" flavor. I try to give several options in player responses to portray a number of from the zealot to the neutral to the near cold incarnation. I aim to make the paladin in this module pretty versatile. a lot of inspiration coems from the maimed god's saga. a great mod in all respects and the main influence of making this a paladin mod.(that and the fact that I ahve subconciously made the mod from a paladin perspectiv to begin with)

you should be able to specialize in most weapons available in the game. I'm working on adapting blueprints for several holy avenger type weapons. includeing flails,maces, bastardswords 2handed swords ,axes etc. what types I'll eventually decide on I'll take when I get there.
on a side not regarding gear. all magical armor and weapons have unique names and have some lore attatched to them.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Back from spain

So I am back from a lovely trip to spain. a million experiences richer. gotta love that country :D

so I am back modding again and I did a playthrough of the first part . found a few spell and grammar issues. some conversation strangeness and a few "oopsies" in a few scripts. but should work properly now I also redid the start slightly to better fit the paladin stremlined story. I am also playing with kaedrins extra paladin spells (I LOVE THIS ! ). Right now my play through toon is LVL3 and I'm having a good time playing it. and as I play I am also seeing if there is content I can remove or reuse (ie the other class related quest areas and side quests, along with items and sidequests.

at the moment the biggest issue I have is the OM. I found some scripting boo boo's there I need to fix along with some geographical changes that I feel is needed to make the world and some events feel more believable.

I also had a blast with the bounty hunting side of the mod. each town has an imperial offical that will take proof of capture/death of outlaws and turn it into gold. I started the Bounty hunterquest until I found a game breaking bug in the area enter script of one of the areas which causes the game to crash.

side quests/paths are something I have given a great deal of thought to. if you complete some of them like say bringing a known murderer to justice. there is a percentage in all the cities to spawn a npc(s) that will recognize the deed for better or worse. ie other outlaws seeks to take you down. relatives of the murderer's victims seek you out to thank you etc. theese character should spawn only once. though in my case I managed to spawn 3x encounters after cashing in a captured small time thief.

I noticed most of the adventure is outdoors as I feel more confident in making exterior areas rather than interiors.

so the paladin only have so many skills and skill points. this makes the companions a bigger asset. and this makes their role (in my opinion) stick out a bit more. for a moment I thought about leaving some of the companions out of the mod. but I figured that , that was one way to add depth to the mod without adding more work. I made some events that will unfold in certain areas depending on who you have along for the journey.

Changes so far; I redid the start a little and the story slightly to make the paladin only. I have playtested tis and it works. and I am pretty satisfied with the turnout.

the challenges up ahead are skill use many conversations I have written are heavy on skill use. so the plan so far is trying to se if I can use party chat and make the dialogues unique to certain party members. though at the writing moment I have no idea so I'll nag on the IRC or test it tomorrow.