Monday, November 22, 2010

Release , the how to.

SO i HAve in the last few weeks been thinking about how to best release the module. in series or all in one go. Personally I feel that the 8 connected overland maps that make up the continent of Haedrin cannot be split up sucsessfully so I have more or less decided to release in one go , however for the beta Ill drop module by module on to the testers (once and if I find some willing to spend that amount of time to test the mod).

I've made my areas for Lance botelles , better the demon module. and should start working exclusively on my mod from here on out. taking a break from testing and convo checking was a needed distraction.

I hope to have some new screens from in game cut scenes as soon as I have delivered the areas to lance and gotten the thumbs up for them. also I hope to get some video and music up soon.

Friday, November 5, 2010

the new to do list

the last few weeks I have been alternating between being busy and doing areas for "better the demon". but now I've nearly completed the areas and should turn to my on project again.

as I posted earlier I have stripped everything in the demon melody to jsut the folders exported all the areas convos etc into a temporary folder and started adding them into modules again. so far I've done most of the first module. so theres still 25 more to go.

so this is what I gotta do now

  1. reasign all the 669 areas to their respectiv module

  2. Go over and streamline the convos for paladins. this is a lot of work.

  3. decide what script system makes it to the beta

  4. finish scripting the odd cutscene ,events and boss fights

  5. add flavor and more interjections

  6. polish the older areas if time permits

  7. playthrough and set a xp scale rate for the module.

  8. add the stuff I forgot into the to do list.

  9. decide what to keep and to throw away.

aside from making areas for "better the demon" I have also outlined a new overland encounter system. this I hope to eventually put up on the vault (hopefully by christmas) it will require settig up encounter areas with waypoints and creating an encounter trigger or two at the area but I believe this system will be easier to use than the Obsidian. I've also modified the "AI" to be a little harsher and use tactics in random encounters. I personally found the random encounters in soz to be to much of the same monsters running towards you. the random encounters will require something more rather than just charging in.

When you charge some dungons you first may need to clear its exterior before you can reach the inner sanctm of it and start harvesting legendary artefact. this requires you to have the player castle and have mustered a sizable force of troop. this requires you to berach through defensive lines to get to the dungeon door. this is done by conversation but I hope to make it more dynamic by adding a gui for it. you can delegate the assault to a sergeant (which you like in the oc have to meet and recruit. and or have the right faction for it) the different leaders have different things they can do well so depending on what you put them to d your leadership points change.leadership points is a resource for managin and recruiting new soldiers.

There are certain feats like leadership that will affect this to a small degree , but not to a point where it is neccesary to have it. The palading castle won't be exactly similar to the OC one with upgrades and stuff. rather it will work as a hub for quests, can hire/muster troops be it mercenaries or legionaires. as well as it will function as a storage facility. There will be outlaws charging the vastle from time to time and you can either deal with it yourself or get the other officers to fix it for you.

The module is of a bizarre size. Currently about 222 hours of total finished gameplay (roughly calculated from the spreadsheet). I know I have to redo the XP rescaling seing as my paladin is about lvl5 (or so)

I hope I can get the content into manageable chunks as I run through the qareas and mods looking for stuff to remove. but at any rate I feel like I have made all the stuff in the original PnP available. which was my initial goal (albeit it has changed form a few times , the core is the same)