Monday, November 22, 2010

Release , the how to.

SO i HAve in the last few weeks been thinking about how to best release the module. in series or all in one go. Personally I feel that the 8 connected overland maps that make up the continent of Haedrin cannot be split up sucsessfully so I have more or less decided to release in one go , however for the beta Ill drop module by module on to the testers (once and if I find some willing to spend that amount of time to test the mod).

I've made my areas for Lance botelles , better the demon module. and should start working exclusively on my mod from here on out. taking a break from testing and convo checking was a needed distraction.

I hope to have some new screens from in game cut scenes as soon as I have delivered the areas to lance and gotten the thumbs up for them. also I hope to get some video and music up soon.


  1. Let testers know where the module transitions are since you have so many. Since a save in the module saves the module state and prevents module wide updates, the testers can make an archive save before entering a module. That way they can run through a module, report back bugs, download the fixed module and run through again.

    If you've already tested things enough to think a module basically works, a couple playthroughs with a picky playtester are going to find most of the rest.

  2. Thanks for the tip Kamal. I hope I can learn a lot from your experiences with bug squashing. Anything you have learned, that you think would have some value for me would be greatly apriciated. I already adopted your Bug wikia idea :)

  3. (Second post as my first has not appeared.)

    Many thanks for the work on my areas. Your work is excellent and will add a lot to my campaign. :)

    As for the testing, have you considered my "Patching" idea that allows you as a builder to continue patching the mod on the fly without forcing players to have to start again. This link goes into more details:

    My apologies is this is a double post. Please delete it if it is.



  4. I don't know how many quests you have but those are what takes the most fixing. A map with no quests (just monsters or the like) doesn't take a whole lot. Do the transitions work, do encounters spawn as desired (default encounter trigger sends all monsters to one trigger point)? Do locks/traps give xp if you want them to?

    Testing quests is more troublesome. Here's a list of things I look for:
    The questgiver has something to say for each quest state, ie quest not given yet, quest in progress (there can be several in progress dialogs if the quest is complex and has multiple parts), quest complete. So the dialog tree looks like this (I tend to work backwards, checking advancement before intermediate and having the intro be the fallthrough of the conversation):
    "Thanks for completing my quest?"
    "Do you have any word on my quest?"
    "I have a quest for you!"

    Decide your standards for early on and then be consistent, it's easier than going back later and changing things to meet a standard. I decided that "action" during conversation would be set off in the color green, and failure states such as enemies attacking you from a conversation would be set off in red. Here's an example:
    [The man looks at you.] Hello.
    [The monsters attack you!]

    At first I was inconsistent, so I had to go back a lot to change things. I also commonly forgot to set the "conversation color" back, it's white for npc's and lightskyblue for the player.

  5. lance: The patching idea is awesome ! , and its added.

    Kamal: thanks for the lsit I|ll make sure to try and add a color to the action I do not think I added "actions" colors via conversation but I see the use of it.

    I hope atleast I have been consistent with my quests but I'll be finding that out in the near future.

    thanks for the advice