Monday, December 20, 2010

tests and musice and reelase woes.

So the tests and bug fixes are running as planned.discovered a few gamebreaking bugs as soon as the other people started running through the module. I hope theese will be fixed asap. and Ill be ready with the release some time in january/february all depending on the bugs and how well I have organized myself I feel I got a good thing going with my spreadsheets and all that. but still this part is pretty new and the project is fairly large so Ill be crossing everything that can be crossed in hopes that this testing will be as painless as possible.

This brings me to something I have been thinking lately. I'm about to release the first module as a demo of the rest of the campaign and if people do not like what they are playing. will it be worth it to relase the entire campaign as oposed to just releasing the areas,blueprints, scritps etc.
I've been spending nearly all of my time the last 2 years to build this behemoth. so if the few people still playing nwn2 modules wont play this one its gonna be sad. but then again I wont be forced to test the entire thing if it fails. then again if its reception is in the other en of the scale and people like it........... time will tell.

lastly as the others have been playing I have been making more progress on the musical side of things and I'm enjoying the time spendt with the composing. most of it is orchestral and some of it is just ambient cinematic soundscapes wit ha rythm or a particular mood. I was thinking about making a orchestral metal song for a particular boss fight just to see how that would work in a fantasy mod. I think I shall try and start doing that as soon as a particularly nasty crash to
desktop bug is fixed.

I've bee n talking about a trailer for nearly as long as I have been making the mod. now I do not think Ill ever finish that. even though I have the video recorded. My chaotic nature will be the end of me one day :P

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  1. How to release is difficult ... demo or complete? It all depends on your audience to a degree (or who you suspect your audience to be). If, for instance, you do not believe there will be an audience to appreciate the full thing by the time it is finished, then releasing the full thing (bugs and all) may be worth considering, but may (most likely) require some intensive support - and may alienate your target audience anyway.

    Personally, I think it is still best to release a good working module (not the full thing) in the hopes that you will encourage your audience to stick around until you finish the whole thing ... but that will require faith in the audience that you will actually continue to work on the project after the initial release.

    I am in the unique position that I have a target audience that will be around as long as I am making it. However, if they did not exist and I was relying on the existing NWN2 community of players, then I think I would have to release the demo only and hope to keep them interested. I will most likely do this with the first module of my own project. (My own players will just have to not play until I have finished the whol thing though.)