Friday, September 2, 2011

Just in with a bit of news

The demon melody is now a comercially planned project by Miko Games.
some 6 months ago I decided to try a game engine called unity and I fell in love. that led me into learning 3d modelling and now we are creating funds for making the demon melody a reality as a comercial product.

so far we have created a database of 3d models for game use and prototyped a few game mechanics for TDM and a few smaller games.

the TDM project is on hold for a little while while we create the funds neccesary for creating such a game.

once I have any TDM related screenshots I will post them here.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

squashing of bugs and changes

been squashing bugs and redoing some stuff withing the campaign. the campaign folder have been a nightmare because something withing it seems to causes several crashes (ie things work when not connected to a campaign.) also due to tester feedback I'll be changing some elements of the mod.

I'm still working on this in between real life obligations and musical work

the toolset junkie