Saturday, October 20, 2012

The long awaited Update

So I have been working on a lot of different things for the eventual release of this thing.
Most notably is that TDM is going to have Turn based battles and proceduraly generated dungeons.
A lot of thought have gone inot making the Turn based combat as to not making it tedious and boring.
wether or not I have succed is stil to see.

I got a lot of inspiration from this site.

Skills is one thing I tried to do quite a few things with in the NWN2 version. but in traditional D&D there are somany skills and so much extra work for something that will never be used. as it doesnt provide to hte combat. and not wantoing to do a lot of excess work I decided to go with a split of combat/physical and RolePlaying/Flavor skills into 2 separate pools.

there will be no classes and no statistics like strenght, dexterity, inteligence,morale etc.
Instead I will focus more on the skills the player choose
so If you want a smart warrior you can have that. without sacrificing melee combat abilities.

so you can say skills are everything in the new TDM. Balancing character skill will be part of the character building. This is because I wanted to have more variety in gameplay without gimping a character. so you can focus on the playstyle rather than the efficiency.

there is still a lot of testing and balancing before I get where I am suposed to be.